Miscellany Monday

Aug 12, 2013

lowercase letters
>>>| Yeah, it was supposed to be a little different-looking here today. But how far can you get with blog design when your Internet isn't working and your provider has the worst-known customer service in the world? I think I've seen just how much I rely on the Internet by having it taken away. On one hand I've totally neglected my blog and emails, but on the other I've had time for a book and Noah's daily memory book (totally fallen behind by a few months!). Maybe this is a good thing temporarily! 

>>>| This weekend we accomplished a lot around the house. We finally got our dining room table back in the house, too! I was getting tired of sitting at the bar every night. It certainly doesn't contribute to togetherness. Michael did a great job and the table looks awesome! 
>>>| Our little guy must be going through a sleep regression or growth spurt. The past few nights he has been up crying quite a bit. I nurse him until I have nothing else to give and he just lays between us in a delusional, half-sleep state of crying. Poor baby takes quite a while to settle down. I've been going through the possible explanations- gas, hunger, diaper, and so on- but relieving those things doesn't seem to help. Needless to say, this mama is tired! 
>>>| God is really up to some things in our lives right now. More on that later, but it's crazy how I've prayed and wanted and prayed some more for some specific things, and then when He acts in that way, I'm a mix of thrilled, speechless, and slightly uncomfortable! Oh, the fickleness of our human nature. 

That's it for this rainy, Internet-less, blog-from-my-phone kind of Monday. Off to read while my sweet boy sleeps! 


  1. Booo, thanks for reminding me about those sleep regressions! Ahhhhh. But, it is a good sign because it means he's developing and growing normally.... and it will soon pass. So, there's a bright side, right!?

  2. Isn't it sometimes so wonderful when our internet doesn't work properly??? It definitely reminds us to be in the present more. :-)