The perks of tagging along...

Aug 15, 2013

If you've been keeping up with my posts or Instagram, you know we've been doing a ton of traveling with Michael for his job. It feels like we've hardly been home this summer, and I've been mostly okay with that! We've been able to stay at some really neat places and Noah and I have been able to explore during the day.

We've stayed in some pretty cool rooms...

....been able to swim...
....explore the town ...

Downtown Chattanooga, April
Memphis Zoo, June

Memphis Botanic Garden, June

....and eaten at some fun places! 
Lupi's Pizza Pie, Chattanooga, April & August!
We've also been able to sleep in, leave our bed unmade, relax in the evenings without having to keep everything neat and tidy, and have our meals paid for! And there's always the hotel bar- pina colada anyone? Right now we're in Alabama and are leaving today. I'm so thankful we get to come with Michael. The biggest perk is that we don't have to spend time without him!

Off to check out of the hotel and drive a sleepy baby around for his nap! Happy Thursday!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Especially the paid for meals ;) And mmm pina coladas!

  2. Wow! How fun! I think Nate needs to have your hubby's job. ;-)

  3. Isn't Lupi's pizza amazing? Chattanooga is a fun little place to explore. Looks like the perfect summer!

  4. Looks like you're having a wonderful Summer! :)

  5. They are definitely putting him up in some nice places!! We just tagged along to two nights in Fresno. But I will say that it is a hit or miss with my husbands job. Some places are so awful! While others are the top of the line.

  6. I love traveling with the hubs! That pool looks very familiar...did you go to Florence, Alabama?

  7. I love that pic of you, just gorgeous!

  8. Wow! Definitely perks. How fun! Those hotels look awesome.