Aug 8, 2013

Noah is usually pretty content playing by himself for a few minutes if I need to run and do a quick chore in the next room. I'm usually gone and back in less than a minute, and he's usually trying to crawl around or grabbing for a toy. He's almost crawling, but can't seem to get the whole  fluid movement down. 

Even though he can't officially crawl doesn't mean he can't get to where he wants to go. Somehow he always ends up a good ways from where he started, with a combination of scooting, rolling, twisting, and turning. 

During the past couple of weeks we've focused on trying to help him with building leg strength. He can stand without wobbling now (for the most part) and loves standing on our laps, beside us on the couch, or holding on to our shoulders on the floor. Overall? He's a petty mobile 8 month old! 

Yesterday, I ran into the kitchen to put away the dish towels I had folded. It took me literally 10 seconds, and apparently that was all the time Noah needed to make his way to the couch and....pull up! He was standing and shuffling sideways on the couch to try to grab my camera lens cap. 

I knew he could pull up on us with a little help, but this was something new that he had accomplished all by himself! He's at a point now where he hates sitting and wants to be on the move constantly. I think he'll pass the stage of crawling and go right for walking. He's not content trying to crawl now that he can stand and often gets frustrated when he can't stand straight up in the middle of the floor with no support. 

He's had quite a few falls, after which he cries more from the scare than the actual pain (I think). It's all part of learning, but I don't believe in the "stop crying, suck it up" method and I try to avoid "you're okay" as I don't want to get in the habit of telling him how he's feeling. Rather, we want to try let him feel it and define it for himself, and be there for him through that. 

Okay, okay...he's only eight months old, but honestly it's amazing how easy it is to fall into "phrase ruts" (for lack of better words) and to stick to them even as your baby turns into an older child who needs more guidance. I'm trying to practice the type of communication that I want to raise him with through this journey right now, even though he doesn't understand everything I'm saying. 

So, for now I cheer when he stands and give kisses and love when he falls and cries. He's the sweetest boy in my world and I am loving watching him slowly take new steps every day.   


  1. Congrats on 100 followers and that sweet baby boy's milestones!

  2. Isn't it so awesome watching them master these milestones right before your eyes! Oh the joys of motherhood!

  3. I love your mindset to not define what your little man is thinking. That is extremely inspiring to me!