Five on Friday

Aug 30, 2013

Noah at four days old already rooting for the Huskers! This is his first official Husker season!
one  | Hey there, college football season! I've got a love/hate thing going on with college football. I gave a little groan when Michael asked me if I knew what last night was. Here's the thing....I really, really enjoy college football.  I've come to enjoy watching the games and understand most of the calls and rules. I have fond memories of parties, family gatherings, naps with it playing loudly in the background, and joking around about whose team was better. I feel the excitement, smell the crisp fall air, and even enjoy wearing fan gear. But you know when it turns sour for me? When it becomes an obsession...when you cancel plans because the game is more important than loved ones...when your whole entire day is ruined because your team didn't get the brown ball past the line more than the other team did (hint, hubby!). I may get some hate here, but's a bunch of college kids (who are younger than I am-when did that happen?), trying to get a ball to their end of the field. You don't have to go into all of the positive, amazing things that football can teach a player, or how much history and tradition is behind it, or how much talent it takes. I know all that, and I love that about the game. But there's got to be balance. Priorities don't just go out the window from August until February. Just bein' real, here. And Go Huskers!

two | I threw a biscuit out my car window. Let me back up and explain why. I'm on a no-sugar/low-carb fast and that includes wheat, fruits, and tons of other delicious foods. I'm still in the early stages of detox which means that my cravings are still pretty strong. I had just finished shopping in Nashville, hadn't had lunch, and was starving. I kind of freaked because I couldn't think of anywhere that would have something I could eat and still stick to my goals. Then I remembered a place that had chicken (chicken that had probably been injected with  "solution" including MSG, but that's beside the point). I pulled up to the speaker, told her I only wanted two pieces of chicken and a large ice water. No sides, and for the love of all things holy, no biscuit. I drove to the window, paid, asked one more time, "That's only chicken right?", got a "yes", and got really excited about eating. I pulled over, got myself situated to eat on the drive home, and opened my box. A BISCUIT! A hot, moist, painted in butter biscuit. I kind of felt like Frodo in Lord of the Rings....if I stared too long I'd be trapped and it would all be over. I had a quick little conversation in my head that went like this...."Okay, don't get rid of it. You need to practice discipline and just not eat it. No, just toss it, you know you'll reach over later and convince yourself you deserve just a bite, then you'll eat the entire thing and feel like crap...". So in a moment of utter panic and awareness, I rolled down my window, tossed the biscuit into the parking lot (for the birds, right?), and took off, all the while watching the dumb biscuit from my side mirror. That sounds middle-school dramatic, but listen......that's a huge deal for this sugar/carb-addict. I would say I deserve a cookie, but.....

three | Our house, in the middle of restructure. While I've pretty much let go and let God with this whole move, it still just annoys me that we have no information whatsoever. We are what we think is four weeks away from moving to Knoxville and can't even put our house on the market yet. That just baffles me. I'm really trying to stay calm about it. I'm a planner and like things to happen quickly. If I know change is coming, and that the change might be uncomfortable, the sooner the better. Let's just let it over with and go. I think I'm needing a lesson in patience during this season of my life. For now I'm trying to enjoy this house (and by enjoy I mean not worry about cleaning until right before we start showing) and take a chill pill. I'm going to miss this house so much, mostly because of all the memories it holds.
four. Writers Block & Blogtember. I've always enjoyed blogging, but have usually found it hard to come up with content. Back in May, Jenni from Story of my Life issued a Blog Everday in May challenge. I linked up and wrote almost daily and it was amazing! I've been blogging around five times a week since then and have really gotten back into the passion I once had for writing. Lately, with everything that has been going on, I've been having a hard time either finding something to write about or having the motivation to sit down and write it out. I' haven't had much time for photography lately either, and I feel uninspired when I don't have great material for my posts. Right about the time I've entered this phase, Jenni issued another challenge for September! I saw a tweet mentioning it and got super excited 1) because she gives a list of topics to write on each day and 2) this might be just what my blogging rut needs! So I'll be linking up most days with Blogtember and am excited to get the blog juices flowing! 

five. Speaking of blogs.....I am ecstatic to announce that I'm finally getting a professional blog design! Part of being inspired for me begins with my blog design. If you haven't noticed, and I say that sarcastically because if you've been a reader for any amount of time you definitely have noticed, I've changed my blog design in some way probably twenty times since May. I'm at my wits end with html. I know I could learn more than I already have taught myself, but I just don't have the time. I'd rather be playing with Noah than spending hours I don't have as a mommy sitting in front of my computer all hours of the night playing "trial and error" with my blog. It needs something, and that's something I just can't give it right now. So, the designer and I are currently working together to create something and it should be ready in about a month (hopefully sooner!). I can't wait to see it for myself and then reveal it live! Stay tuned!

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Have a great weekend!


  1. I have TOTALLY had that 'throw that beast of a biscuit out the window before I eat it' panic!! Maybe more than once. Good job for being strong!! That first picture is way too cute!

  2. Ok wait wait wait you're husker fans?! No way!!! What's the back story? Are you from Nebraska or what?

    My family is die hard cornhusker fans! My dad went to Nebraska and he LOVES them. Like, we have to watch every game, the corn hats, my son wears Nebraska clothes, my dad wears a tee almost every day... Ya. Ok now I like you even more. Hahaha

  3. Haha - loved the biscuit story! I need to get my act in gear with eating better. It's SO hard! And I'm with you with regards to football... I love it too, but only to a point. Watching a favorite team every weekend or a game here and there is one thing, but football ALL weekend long for months? No thanks. I know, I know.... a lot of people may disagree, but that's totally how I feel about it!

  4. So sorry that the company is not on the ball with your move. We also had about a month...they helped with the move, but we were on our own with the house.
    Loved your biscuit story! Thanks for the laugh!!

  5. Aaaaaaah!!! You have to stop with all this cuteness! Look at Noah!!! That is just too adorabe, Kelsea. Great entry!

  6. That picture of Noah is absolutely adorable! I enjoy football, and love playing in a fantasy football league each year...but I agree that there has to be balance! Hope you hubby takes the hint!
    ~Kim @ Confessions of a Multitasker

  7. Oh, it's so tempting to try, but I'm going to have to drop that Blogtember challenge just like a hot biscuit. ;) Haha! I ruled May, though! PS.... my football season starts in t-minus 10 minutes. Roll Tide! You know, the Alabama girl had to say something about that. Truthfully? I hope we have a little challenge this year, because it can be boring being the best all the time. ;)

  8. I have been feeling a little uninspired lately and have been trying to dream up ideas of what to blog about. I will definitely have to check out the Sept. blog challenge. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. You should check it out! It feels almost like a creative writing assignment every day and it definitely can inspire posts even after the month is over! :)

  9. Oh, I so agree with you about football. In our town events are scheduled or not scheduled (depending) around LSU football. It's insane and crazy!

    Good for you for throwing that biscuit to the wind.

    Your little man is adorable!

    I know what you mean about knowing what to expect when. I'm so that way and I do hope you all will get some definite news about your move.

    Happy week!