Aug 13, 2013

You know those moments in life that are so heartwarming that you choke back tears or it feels like your full heart might jump out of your chest? Last night Noah was up a little later than normal and we tried to wind him down by lavender oil, low light and a book before attempting bedtime. I'm usually the book reader, but Michael took over while we laid in bed together. It was so precious to see Noah just sit back for a little and listen to his daddy's voice reading "God Made the Animals". 

Lately Noah has really taken to his daddy. Not that he hasn't always known Michael and loved being in his arms, but it's different now. Before Noah enjoyed Michael, but he was still in the young stage of being super attached to me and either wanted to nurse constantly or just be in my arms. 

As Noah has become a little more independent and hit the stage of development where he knows faces and people and remembers who they are, he has just fallen more in love with Michael. 

He says "da da" all day, even while Michael is at work and looks around the room when I say it back, as if he knows who I'm talking about and is looking for him. I try to make it a point to go to the front door when Michael gets home so Noah can watch him walk up. Talk about excited! Noah lights up when his daddy gets close enough to be recognized. He immediately reaches for Michael before he can even set his bag down. Noah loves when Michael gets down on the rug and plays with him. He loves to play with Michael's hair and glasses and Michael can make him laugh so easily. 

More recently, Noah will reach for Michael and then if Michael needs his arms free for a second and tries to hand him back to me, Noah clings on and won't reach out for me! I'll admit, it kind of hurts my feeling a teensy tiny bit, but the other times that Noah just wants his mommy make up for it. It warms my heart to see Noah love his daddy so much, and it is the sweetest when I notice that love in Michael's eyes for our baby boy. 

There are still tons of moments that only mommy will do- bedtime, comfort when he's upset, cuddling, etc. The mommy-child relationship is one that comes naturally and strong, but it is so special when you see the powerful daddy-child bond begin to form, too. And there's something so attractive about your husband being a wonderful daddy...


  1. I love seeing my husband as a dad too. It melts my heart. Just wait til your guy can say full on sentences like mine is starting to do. It is the coolest thing!!

  2. Watching my son and my husband together is probably the greatest thing ever. I love this post because I feel the exact same way. Lovely.

  3. This is so very precious. I can't wait for the day that our future kiddos recognize Nate. He's going ot be such an amazing dad.

  4. How sweet and endearing. There is nothing better in life than seeing the man you love loving your child. Enjoy every moment!

  5. Love :-) and also love the blog re-design!