conversation over tea

Aug 1, 2013

Ever have those moments with another person, maybe over coffee or tea, during which your hearts connect, and three hours go by in a flash? The ones where you laugh or cry together, often both.  I've had those moments and cherish them. You can't help but leave conversations like that feeling understood, loved, fulfilled, and inspired. There are days I crave these moments, and there are days I'm actually blessed with them and so very thankful for the women God brings into my life. I found this post by Tere of Ale & Tere and was inspired to write one of my own.

 If we were meeting for tea today, I'd smile, envelop you in a warm hug, order something full of flavor, and cozy into our corner of the coffee shop and start our heart-to-heart. If you asked me how I was....

I would tell you that I have many dreams and not enough patience to realize they don't all need to happen in my twenties. 

I would tell you that I've been feeling anxious lately, and am a little scared that I'm slipping back into some old struggles. 

I would tell you that I get lonely easily.

I would tell you that some days I don't get the point of housework and don't bother, and other days I can't relax until everything is spick-and-span.

I would tell you that the past few weeks I've spent an hour in a "go-to-sleep" tango with my sweet baby boy and although I wish he'd go to bed quickly, I still enjoy laying beside him in the dark and quiet of our room.

I would tell you that I'm already thinking about baby number two and that I'm excited to give birth again when the time is right.

I would tell you that I want to be a midwife, but going back to school and the fear of failure scares me.

I would tell you that as of right now, I have four loads of laundry that need to be washed, folded, and put away and that this week my motivation level has been an all-time low. 

I would tell you that I still get excited every time Michael pulls in to the driveway after work and look forward to it all day. 

Although I can't have a cup of tea or coffee with you, I love getting to share bits of my heart and life on this blog. So although we aren't sitting across from each other, thank you for lending me your ear by coming and reading and sharing some of your heart, too. 


  1. Kelsea, I really loved this post. I have had conversations like this with girlfriends and you're right, they're so rewarding. Almost everything you wrote about today resonated with husband and I don't have children yet but are really hopeful and excited to become parents, and I'm having a hard time with trusting in God's timing and letting patience be the ruling force in my heart. And I've also been feeling anxiety creeping in, and have been trying to let that go.

    I sometimes think that life is all about guiding ourselves gently back to what is right....recognizing when we're becoming consumed by worry or fear or anxiety and asking God to help us become centered again (and knowing we will inevitably shift back, and need to be centered yet again...).

    Anyway, I do love your blog and I really loved today's post! Will be coming back for more.

  2. i really love these kind of conversations with friends as well. so heartfelt and genuine. if we were having a conversation over tea, i'd tell you that you are not alone in wanting to achieve your dreams sooner than later, but i would assure you that it's never too late. placing them in the Lord's hands for Him to fulfill according to His timing. and also i'd tell you it's lovely that you get excited when your husband comes home. thanks for inviting us to have tea with you today! :)

  3. I think you'd make an amazing midwife. Did you know I am a trained doula? I'd love to work with you one day. =) I've put birth work on a back burner now- one of those things like you said, having dreams but realizing now may not be the time. It's so hard to feel these tugs toward "something greater" and know you can't do it right now, or get lost in the wanting to be somewhere other than right here, right now.

  4. What a beautiful post. You have such a way with words that just resonate with me. I'd love to sit down to coffee/tea with you and catch up on everything. I think we'd connect on so many levels. One day, my friend. :)

  5. I adore this post! I would LOVE to have the opportunity to have tea with you. :-) I've been thinking recently of how amazing it would be to be a midwife or doula as well. I don't know what's going to come from that desire. We'll see where God leads me!

  6. Kelsea, this is wonderful and I truly feel like we just shared a cup of coffee or tea and some good conversation. Sweetest blessings to you my dear!

  7. i have a friend who is going to school to be a mid wife - she LOVES it! You should go for, just do it. better to try than to always wonder what if. also i'm totally thinking about baby #2 (and 3 and 4 and 5 lol) already! loved this post :)

  8. I can so relate about the housework thing--somedays I'm super OCD and others I can't be bothered. It's good to have dreams, even if they take a little time :) I say go for the midwife thing! If that's what your heart is being called to, I think that's a very beautiful dream to have. Don't let fear stop you :) Hope your weekend is going well!

  9. I feel you on the housework thing. Sometimes I don't care, and other times I get overwhelmed and want everything clean!