What I'm Loving Wednesday | Cloth Diapering Edition

Jul 3, 2013

Cloth Diapering

Be Warned- the words baby and poopy are used in this post. Check out one of my archived posts if you're one that is grossed out by "diaper talk"! ;) 

One | BumGenius Freetime AIOs
These cloth diapers have been amazing for Noah. The Freetimes are made with two sewn-in flaps that can be layered and folded a number of ways to fit your little one's absorbancy needs. Plus, they come in fun colors!

Two | Planetwise Wet Bags
We chose these for multiple uses. First, we have the tall one hanging on the side of Noah's changing table. That is where all his wet diapers can be stored until laundry time. When the supply is getting low and they need to be washed, we can literally dump the bag, turn it inside out, and stick in right in the wash with the diapers. The smaller one is hung next to the toilet for poopy diapers. I also keep one in the diaper bag for on-the-go storage of either dirty diapers or wet clothes. They're great even after the baby years for things like pool trips or wet items, as these bags keep the wet in.

Three | BumGenius Diaper Sprayer
I wasn't sure I needed this, but it has been invaluable. We keep it hooked up to the toilet in our master bedroom, along with the poopy diaper wet bag. It may sound gross, but it's a simple, easy process. We change Noah, set him down to play, take the diaper to the toilet, spray any *ahem* debris off of the inside, fold it up, then put it in the wet bag. Yes, some hand-washing is a good idea afterward, but isn't it always after a diaper change? This sprayer has an on/off lever and a hanger that makes it super easy to store and use. The entire process takes me around ten seconds!

Four | Cloth Diaper Safe Products
We tend to use coconut oil on a small rash as it is completely natural and safe for cloth-diapers. However, sometimes that doesn't quite cut it for those rashes that just won't go away. That's where California Baby's diaper rash cream comes in. It is natural, made with essential oils, and won't mess with the absorbency of the layers when used. We use Ecos Lavender detergent as it is organic and does not leave a residue or film that could mess up the absorbency of the diapers.

Cloth Diapering has been such a good experience for us. I did a ton of research while pregnant with Noah and talked to quite a few cloth-diapering moms who gave me the ins-and-outs and dos-and-don'ts of choosing the diapers. Bum Genius freetimes fit Noah well, hold in those really big blowouts, and are really easy to throw in the wash in one piece.

Have any of you mamas, mamas-to-be, or ladies who hope to be a mama one day considered cloth-diapering? Have questions? Feel free to ask in the comment box or e-mail me!

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  1. Well, what an informative post for this old lady. My babies were definitely cloth diapered babies, but disposable diapers had just come down the pike (36 years ago) and now many Moms used them. If I had had all the wonderful gadgets you just mentioned I would have die. How cool!

  2. This is such a helpful post! I'm pregnant and we're thinking about cloth-diapering our newest baby. How many diapers did you buy initially and how many do you have now? Also, do you use any disposables or do you exclusively cloth diaper? It seems a little intimidating!!

    1. I'd say go for it! If I could only explain just how easy it is! You know, I may have to do a little video showing just how it works. I think I could convince a lot of those on the fence. We hit up JilliansDrawers.com when they were having an amazing sale. Usually each diaper (the kind that I use anyway) is around $20 EACH (gasp, I know!). They had a buy five, get a sixth one free deal going on AND a bundle deal where each diaper went down in cost the more I got. The deals were able to be combined and I ended up with somewhere between 30-35 diapers for the cost of around 23 diapers. I still have about eleven in the box in their original packaging because we haven't felt the need to use them. To answer your 2nd question, yes, we do use disposables at night and on long trips where I won't have access to a washer/dryer. There are cloth diapers designed for night time absorbancy needs, I just haven't made it a point to get a few. Goodness gracious, I have so much more information for you, but this reply is getting out of hand. If you have any more questions please feel free to email me using the email icon below my picture. I'm such a huge advocate for cloth diapers and would love to answer any questions you have!

  3. I will definitely keep this in mind when I start to have kids!



  4. I have loved cloth diapering so far. We are bumgenius fans too, but we have been using a lot of prefolds lately as well. Suprised by how much I like those.

    <3 Mary


  5. We do cloth diapering and I love it! It really is pretty easy. I will have to check out that laundry detergent. I had been using Rockin' Green detergent but the last two I've ordered have come in a giant clump and it's hard to break up. We use doTerra lavender essential oils with a coconut carrier oil and it's worked great for any diaper rash!