Miscellany Monday

Jul 1, 2013

one | It's fourth of July week! I'm really looking forward to celebrating and heading to Nashville to see some amazing Fireworks near the heart of downtown!

two | I signed up for Influenster and after doing some initial surveys, I qualified for the Mary Kay VoxBox! It came in the mail a few days ago and I'm so excited to do a full review post of its contents!

three | Michael's family was visiting this weekend and we went to Burger Up in Nashville, one of my favorite local restaurants! I forgot to charge my camera battery so I had to rely on my phone for pictures. If you're ever in Nashville, it's a must! It's like a fancy burger joint and a little bit hipster.
four | It's been a busy weekend. My little guy had a fever the whole weekend, we had family visiting, and we tiled our kitchen backsplash. Needless to say, this mama is tired! Thankfully, this is the first time Noah has ever had a fever or been sick, but I think on top of PMS, the worrying over "what-ifs" might merit a sleeping-in 'til noon kind of Monday!

five | As many of you may be aware, Google Friends Connect is no more as of today! That means if you'd like to continue to keep up with my posts, you'll have to connect with Bloglovin'. Click the icon on the left of my blog to follow me there, or follow any of my other social media accounts using their specific icons below my picture!
six | A few of your frequent readers may notice the change in layout. I've really been trying lately to get a feel for the best layout and design. I love change, especially when it comes to design, so it might change up on you every so often. I figured I have time to find my niche while I'm still a lil' ol' measly' blog.

Happy Monday, everyone. I'll be snuggling my sweet boy today and giving extra cuddles and nursing sessions until this stupid fever cools down! 

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  1. Awe, yes, love me some MK! Bet you got all kinds of wonderful stuff in that box.

    Poor little fella, do hope he's good as new soon.

    We love Nashville and so enjoy visiting there. You are so lucky to live in such a fun place.

    Happy week!

  2. beautiful little blog. i do adore nashville. good people. enjoy the long 4th weekend. it should be fun. xoxo pam