fun in the sun

Jul 10, 2013

Our little guy is having the best time in the pool. I've been so busy having fun with him that I've forgotten to take pictures like I normally do. Michael met us there yesterday after work and we hung out until Noah was obviously ready for a nap. Something about being at the pool makes for amazing naps once you're home, doesn't it? 
You know, the only thing that has really been hard about being out of town with Michael is having to constantly eat out. Especially in this town, there are no healthy, whole, organic options. And let's face it, unless you live near Whole Foods, that doesn't exist, does it? My post-baby-body is taking awhile to bounce back and eating out isn't helping. I think next time we go on the road, I'm going to try to prepare ahead of time and bring some food with least for breakfast and lunch. 
I've got a post brewing in my mind that I may publish tomorrow. The word 'potential' has been floating around in my mommy-brain and it's high time I put my thoughts into words. Today's post is brought to you by a crying baby waiting to eat, a maid that will make my bed every day, and that lazy vacation feeling.

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  1. I'm an expert on being out of town. Haha. My husband travels a whole lot for a living. We stock the fridge in the hotel with healthy food and eat that. We are usually lucky to be near a panera bread or whole foods or something slightly healthy. It's hard but doable!!