Friday Letters

Jul 5, 2013

Dear Rain, I'm a little bitter that you ruined what was going to be a perfectly good evening in Nashville. You couldn't have come at a worse time. I was really excited about that! Dear Neighbors, thanks for being awesome and having fireworks for us to watch. It was fun watching each other's "shows".  Dear Husband, thanks for enduring four stores last night while I searched for a dress. And thanks for being patient even though I came up empty handed. That was pretty great of you. Dear Noah, you are finally feeling better from being sick and I couldn't be more happy. It breaks my heart when you're not feeling good! And this was your first time being sick- my heart was a wreck! Dear June, where the heck did you go? This summer is going by so fast! Dear Pinterest Dipped Jar Project, you were a total fail. My paint wasn't Martha Stewart like the tutorial said...maybe she's just that good? Dear Husband, when you stare at your phone while browsing Reddit and ignore what I just said, I really feel like grabbing that stupid thing out of your hands and slamming it against the wall. It brings forth rage. Quit it. Dear Tan, we've usually rekindled by this time during the summer, but alas, I've just had no time. What do you say next, me, a cute baby, and the pool. Let's get this going!

What did you do to celebrate yesterday?!


  1. I love Friday Letters and yours was exceptionally good. Guess you can tolerate Hubby and his phone since he's so good to wait patiently while you browse for a dress. :o) Sweet blessings to you!

  2. such a lovely space you have here, kelsea!

  3. What sweet letters! I can completely relate to your hubby's phone situation, though these days, think I'm just as's time we BOTH quit it ;)