five on friday

Jul 19, 2013

Five things I'm excited about. 
one | Night Market. Tonight we're heading to the Nashville Farmer's Market for "Night Market". I've heard about it, but this will be the first time we've gone. A ton of local merchants, a few food trucks, some drinks, and some music sounds like the perfect end to a long week!
two | A visit from a friend. My college roomate arrives Sunday for a four day visit! We haven't seen each other in over two years! She's a Texan and is spending the week visiting friends in nearby cities. I can't wait to see her and for her to meet Noah! I'm excited to explore Nashville with her! This picture was taken at around 6 or 7am right before a 5k. Can you tell how excited we are to run?!  

three | Taking Flight! Next weekend we''ll be flying to Charlotte to meet Michael's family for a few days. This will be Noah's first plane ride! It's a 7am flight and I'm really not stressed about it. Noah's really a laid back baby and goes with the flow so well! Plus he's usually in a wonderful mood in the morning and will probably sleep the entire way to the airport, meaning he'll be good to go! I'm looking forward to the entire weekend. 
four | IKEA! There's an Ikea in Charlotte and we're hitting it up that Saturday morning as soon as they open. I'm in love with Ikea but our closest one is five hours away. I can't wait to browse around!
five | Our garden! As I've already written about, our garden hasn't turned out to be all we'd hope it would. The only "plant by seed" veggie that did well was our pole beans and while they've grown, they haven't produced green beans yet. However, our tomato plants are just growing and producing like crazy! I'm looking forward to making some salsa and pasta sauce with the ones we've collected. I also used our tomatoes in the Greek Quinoa Salad I featured on Wednesday! We got two squash before the plants rotted. Our neighbors' garden is doing great and they've been so nice and shared some of it with us. We friend up some of the okra they gave us and used some green beans and jalapenos for another dinner this week. I love it! 

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Any exciting plans coming up? Hope it's wonderful!

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  1. You have lots to be excited about! We are lonely in these parts. My husband was gone for two weeks. We saw him for two days. Now he's gone for another two weeks. It's rough! We are going to go berry picking and do lots of swimming this weekend

  2. Night Market sounds so fun!!!! And I just went to Ikea and had a blast...happy shopping!

  3. How fun to reunite with an old friend!! That will be so much fun!

    And Ikea?? I die. Our closest one is 7 hours away and it's such a bummer because we love that place!!

    Have a great weekend lady!!

  4. the night market sounds like so much fun!

    i could spend ALL DAY wandering around Ikea!! good thing ours is ~1hr away, otherwise I'd be there every other day ;)

    looks like you're getting some great veggies from your garden! there's nothing like fresh homemade salsa! deeelish!

    enjoy your time with your college roommate. it's so fun to hang out & catch up after so many years!

  5. The night market sounds like my idea of a perfect summer evening!

    Your garden is rockin! We moved this year and I restarted a garden -- I've been shocked at things like cucumbers that haven't produced anything when I had more than I could eat at this time last year. Very impressed with yours!

  6. I was pretty laid back this weekend, but I'm flying home to the US next weekend and I'm so excited about it so I have a lot do over the next week.

    The night market sounds really cool - and I love all the tomatoes that your plants are producing, what variety are they?