Aly's Visit

Jul 24, 2013

 I've loved having Aly here this week from Texas! She's my college roommate and we haven't seen each other in two years! She arrived Sunday after a day of delayed flights and is heading out today to finish up the rest of her vacation visiting friends in Atlanta and Alabama. We've had such a good time together. We both agreed it feels just like it did when we lived together in college. I love that even though we don't always consistently stay in touch, it felt like hardly any time had passed. Here's a little picture recap of our time together.

one & two | We visited Antique Archeology, the store of Mike & Frank of American Pickers. It's in an amazing building right outside of downtown Nashville with an amazing view of the city and in a prime location. Even more shops have opened up alongside them and the area is really coming together. It's such a fun store to browse around and even more fun recognizing some items from episodes!

three | On Monday, we shopped until we almost dropped! We headed to Opry Mills Mall and had lunch at Rainforest Cafe. Noah loved the animals and the "thunderstorms". I loved having Aly there to shop with- she's a super shopper and is also not afraid to tell me to put back that ugly sweater! There's a new H&M and I scored some adorable, stylish clothes for Noah for this winter, including suspenders!

four | Noah was such a champ the past two days. He endured getting in and out of the car in the rain and heat, hanging in his stroller some while we shopped, and staying out pretty much all day. He's such a content little guy and I just love him so, so much!

five | On Tuesday, we grabbed lunch at Jack's BBQ right on Broadway! It was delicious and we loved the decor. Its was a small joint and packed around lunchtime. I did decide that next time I go downtown I'd just wear Noah in the carrier. Trying to navigate a stroller in and out of the stores and through crowds of people was exhausting.

six | Did I mention Aly loves to shop? And that she's obsessed with cowboy boots? She is from Texas, after all. Nashville was boot heaven for her and it was fun dreaming about all the boots we'd get if we had the money! Isn't she pretty?

seven | This was one of the only pictures that turned out while I was trying to stop Noah from dipping his fingers in my BBQ sauce. He really enjoyed some plain BBQ and green beans and because it was a small place, he sat right beside me in the booth and did pretty well! This is a neat view of the "Batman" building downtown from Broadway. We had originally planned to go downtown Monday, but it was rainy and cloudy. I'm so glad we waited until yesterday because it was sunny and although a little warm, there was a nice breeze through the streets.

eight | We stopped at Hatch Show Print and fell in love with the beautiful prints they had on display and for sale. I love the exposed architecture and how the printing supplies were out in the open for visitors to observe. It was a beautiful place and we came away with our share of fun signs and postcards.

nine | Diana's Sweet Shoppe was the last place we stopped in before heading away from the downtown area. We enjoyed classic root beer floats and cooled down before walking back to the car. I love that they kept the original design of the ice cream bar and had some interesting flavors! This was a nice treat before ending the day and heading back home.

This was such a fun past couple of days. It was nice being with someone who was as excited about seeing Nashville as I am and who was willing to walk around and explore. This was the first time Aly had met Noah and I'm so glad she did! He loved her and I loved being able to spend time with such a sweet friend.

What about you? Do you keep up with any of your friends from college or your past?


  1. So fun to see your college roommate. And you are such a great photographer. I always love looking at your gorgeous shots.

  2. Awesome weekend! Love the photos. I had a friend in from out of town this weekend too and it's so much fun to play tour guide in your own city. Mac and I did things we never otherwise do. So, when can we come to Nashville and visit you??

  3. You guys look like you had so much fun!! I love friends like that...the ones that you don't have to see very often, yet you can pick up right where you left off...that's the sign of a true friend!! :)

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  5. OF COURSE Aly bought boots!....

  6. Looks like such a fun visit! I would love to see Antique Archeology! I recognize at least one piece just from your picture :)

  7. this looks like such a fun travel! that antique store looks like such a find, i would love to get that sign!

    lindsey louise