walking in memphis

Jun 7, 2013

1| Morning playtime at the hotel. He looked so adorable against the pure white bedding and had a blast with the whole bed to himself.

2| Dinner at Whole Foods where Noah tried his first bits of watermelon.

3-6| Memphis Zoo and Aquarium Tuesday afternoon. It was free after 2pm and by the time Noah and I got there it was hot, humid, and packed. Michael met up with us later and we pushed a sleeping Noah around the park until we couldn't take the heat or crowds any longer.

7| An evening spent in the hotel pool. Noah loved his baby float and kicked himself in circles. We had the whole pool to ourselves and I enjoyed snapping some shots of Daddy and Noah playtime.

8| On Wednesday, Noah and I made a trip to the Memphis Botanic Gardens. It was another hot day and we didn't last too long in the heat and sun. We lasted about twenty minutes and had to go indoors for a nursing/cool down break. Two minutes later it started pouring rain and storming, and I'm so thankful we weren't caught in the middle of one of their huge gardens with no shelter! I'm really disappointed we didn't get to go through the whole thing and am really looking forward to going back. {iphone pic}

9| Before the downpour, we did manage to make it to the rose garden and the Backyard Kids' area. The kids' area was home to one of the coolest treehouses I've ever seen. I'll admit, I wanted to climb up in there and play, too! I'm looking forward to taking Noah back when he's old enough to explore everything on his own, although it's fun to explore with him now, too. I planned our whole trip to the garden around the farmer's market hours. They were set up right outside the Garden's visitor's center, but unfortunately the rain just kept coming and trying to maneuver a stroller in the rain without getting its precious cargo wet is a hard task. I'm looking forward to trying again someday, preferably during a cooler season! {iphone pics}

10| The plant Michael is working at this week and the whole reason we're here. Felt like I had to pay it some kind of homage! 

11| Charles Vergo's Rendezvous was recommended to us by fellow blogger Meredith at My Abundant Life. It was delicious and the atmosphere was great! The entrance was in an alley and gave the restaurant a really great vibe. Michael enjoyed his ribs and I had the pork shoulder- so good!

Overall, we've had a fun week in Memphis. It's been super hot outside so it made some of the outdoor things to do a little less enjoyable, but still fun. Our evenings with Michael were spent grabbing dinner and relaxing at the hotel. I'll admit, though, I'm kind of ready to be home for a little while.We're up and at 'em again next weekend as we had towards Chattanooga for another week. I'm going to savor this weekend and following week we have at home, give my garden and house some TLC, and relax!

I hope your week has been just as enjoyable! What do you have happening this weekend?


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