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Jun 19, 2013

Welcome to day three of Travel Week! I am so happy to have five lovely ladies guest posting this week while I am traveling myself!  Each blogger will be here introducing a destination of her choice and describing some of what makes it a unique and treasured place for her. If you stick around you'll get to see some interesting places through the lens of someone else who has been there and done that! And who knows, you might just be inspired to visit one of these lovely destinations that this beautiful country of ours holds. Today, Britt from itbritt is bringing us to the complete opposite side of the States!
In January of this year, my dear husband and I moved up to Seattle as newlyweds. We quickly realized that Seattle is a city full of some of the coolest history and neatest tourist traps in the world. You can take spooky tours, tours in the abandoned underground, duck tours on giant boat/buses. Seriously. There is awesome shopping, better street life, and a totally unique culture up here.
All these things aside, when you are in Seattle - visiting Pike's market is a must. Oh, its just your run-of-the-mill farmers market. Stocked with virtually every vegetable imaginable. Did I mention that its open every. single. day? But, along with every asparagus and head of lettuce you can think of comes the great task of working your way through the largest farmers market in the world! (*that may be a sliiiight exaggeration) But seriously, take hold of your children! ...and when in doubt follow this list.

1. WALK ALONG THE ENTIRE UPSTAIRS MARKET  AND SAMPLE. Don't politely deny yourself a taste sample because you have no intention to purchase. Harness your inner Jim Carrey and say it with me: "yes, yes, HECK YES". So many people wander through Pikes that you can politely accept a sample with as little as a "thank you" as you walk away. No harsh words, hardball salesmen, or bad situations to be heard of. Just try a little of what Seattle has to offer!
Yes, I said see. The one and only Starbucks started here in Seattle. And its here, in Pikes Market. The problem you ask? There is like a 54,409 person line. To get? A drink. The exact drink that you could get, say, a block in any other direction at the next Starbucks. The drinks are all the same, people! So my recommendation: just go in. The line runs to the right of the door, snake in the left. (They will allow you to do this.) Look at their unique products, oogle at the interior and save yourself an hour wait.
3. CHECK OUT THE GUM WALL There used to be an old theatre, and the line to get in would stretch down this alley. Its just down the street from Pikes. As the teens impatiently waited, they began to stick gum to the walls, and coins to the gum. Then bums came around and took the coins - leaving ... duh duh duh duh drumroll ... the gum wall. And to this day it is the biggest, germiest tourist attraction, save the blarney stone (or kissing rock). Mmm take some orbit with you and add a piece, or... steal a piece - up to you.
At this point you're hungry, right? Well if you go downstairs to the bottom floor of the market, you'll find this gem of a restaurant squished beautifully in a little room with a bay view. Eat here. Order the Lemon Deep fried chicken. And the pineapple chicken fried rice. Die happy. Okay, don't die, per say. 

There is a ton more to do underground Pikes - like, browse the best book stores, check out the world's biggest collection of big clown shoes, comic shops, indian shops, and magic shops. The truth of the matter is I could list 50 of my favorite Pike's destinations. But these, are the creme de la creme. 
Have you been to Pike's Market? What did you eat? What did you buy? What did you see? spill. 
xoxo itbritt.


  1. Yay! My husband is from Seattle. So happy he moved to ca though or I never would have met him :)

  2. Nice Candice! I'm from Cali and just moved up to Seattle.
    How is he adjusting back to the hot weather down there?
    I visited and nearly fried to death.