Noah: Seven Months

Jun 27, 2013

Dear Noah,
You are seven months old today! You're getting so big! We are so proud of you and love seeing your personality come out more and more with age. So many people comment on just how content you seem, and they're right. You are so easy-going and really don't have a ton of ups and downs if your basic needs are met.

Your smile is one of the most joyful things I've ever experienced. You're really starting to notice when we leave the room and always smile when we walk back in. You've seen Daddy come home enough in the evening to know what I mean when we go to the door and I say "Daddy". Your eyes light up before you even see him and when he turns the corner, your hands start doing that funny "composer" movement and you can't wait to get into his arms.

You're eating great! You started right off with solids as your first foods and have done amazing! You've had avacado, banana, sweet potato, greek yogurt, chicken, steak, squash, lemon (after wanting it from our water glass, and surprisingly no sour face!), cucumber, and solid egg yolk. You've gobbled it all up and have learned how to take little bites with and chew with your gums.

We've been signing to you a bunch, things like "more", "eat", "mommy", "daddy", "finished", and other times I sign sentences to you as I'm talking. Your favorite one is "eat" and if you're anywhere close to me you know exactly where to head! You're doing well breastfeeding and I haven't noticed a change in frequency. You still wake up one to two times during the night and lately you haven't been able to go to sleep unless you're tangled up in my hair. I'm trying to figure out what to do about that!

You've been a great traveler as we've been away from home a lot this month with Daddy's work. We've been able to go to the zoo in Memphis and although you slept most of the time, we had a nice time. You and Daddy went swimming in the hotel pool and we got you your first baby float. You really enjoyed kicking around. We've been to Virginia to visit family and spent time with Daddy in Chattanooga. We got you a little plastic pool for the back yard and you enjoy playing in the water and splashing around.

You're not crawling yet, but we can tell you're on your way there! You can push up onto your hands and knees, but don't really know what to do from there. Most of the time you give up and lay your head on the ground as if you're taking a little break. If you didn't hate being on your stomach so much you might get somewhere! I have a feeling we'll be chasing you around soon enough!

Occasionally I'll pull up Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my ipad and you love the first few minutes. After that you get bored and want to mess with the screen. I've been trying to get you to say "mama" for the last couple of weeks, but you can only manage "mmmmmm" so far. It's the cutest thing and I can tell you're trying!

We love you so much, Noah! Happy seven months! 

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  1. I love the 4 month picture and the 3 month and....okay I love them all. He is one adorable baby! I bet Noah is going to be happy you wrote this when he is older.