Noah: 6 Months

Jun 1, 2013

Dear Noah,

You are six months old as of the 27th! Where in the world has time gone? And how did you get so big so fast? This month has been so much fun. You've reached some really fun milestones! You're finally able to sit up on your own! I love it! You can't exactly stop yourself from falling backwards occasionally, but you're learning. You're now reaching for us when we put our arms out. I absolutely love this! It feels so good to know that you want to come to us and that we know when you want to be picked up. Your bottom two teeth are in and they're adorable! We're curious which teeth will show up next!

We skipped cereals and purees, so you just had your first food a few days past six months. Our goal is to start with solids and let you feed yourself and be in control of your intake. You'll eat with us at the table and eventually get to the point where you eat what we eat. What a motivation to keep eating healthy, huh? Your first food was banana and after trying to shove the entire thing in your mouth at first, you now totally get the concept of smaller pieces. You either scrape some off with your bottom teeth, or gum bits off at a time. The faces you make are hilarious! And you get SO messy! It just adds to the fun of exploring! You're still breastfeeding and it is going so well so far. I've pumped enough to have some nights away for Bible study and other things and you've taken your bottle like a champ. You're just a laid back, chill kind of baby. And we like it!
Exploring with solids- you did great!
You're sleeping better these days. After teething was over you went back to your normal 'easy to put to sleep and only waking around twice during the night' routine.You start out in your crib in our room and end up in bed in the early morning hours. You nap around three times a day, never more than an hour and usually more like thirty to forty-five minutes. You wake up babbling and grinning. Sometimes Daddy and I "fight" over who gets to go in and get you from your nap because we both love the smile you give us when you see us.

It's been a busy past month, but you've done very well considering the change in routine. We spent a weekend with Grandpa and Gma here at home, rode back to Virginia with them and spent a week visiting with family, then rode back home the following weekend with Papi and Nana. We spent four days camping with Uncle Bob and the Gunter crew at Piney Campground. You did so well! You slept great in the pop-up camper and seemed to enjoy meeting everyone and hanging out. We got you your first little pool and you had fun playing in the water. 
Such a serious face! Playing in the water isn't taken lightly!
This coming month Daddy has to travel for work quite a bit and we get to go with him. I'm super excited to take you to the hotel pools, hang around town, and spend the evenings with Daddy. We have plans to take you on your first zoo and aquarium trip. We love you, sweet boy, and can't wait to see everything this coming month brings!


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