Miscellany Monday

Jun 24, 2013

one | Last week was Travel Week here on the blog. If you didn't stop by, you missed out on some great places showcased by some great ladies! Catch up by clicking on the icon below. 

two | In case you missed it, check out my Father's Day Interview last weekend with the hubs!It's super cute!
three | Because we've been traveling so much lately, I haven't made it to the local Farmer's Market like I've been hoping I could. Because we got home on a Friday, I was excited that I would actually be here and be able to get some good veggies and free range eggs! I went Saturday morning while Michael and Noah hung out at home. It was the busiest I have seen it this year! I got a ton of goodies and thankfully snatched up one of the last cartons of eggs before they were gone. Don't you love knowing where your food comes from?
 four | M's parents and brother are coming in later this week and we plan to put up a tile back-splash in our kitchen while they're here. Currently there is just drywall with a small back-splash that extends up from the counter a few inches. After quoting the project at under $100, we decided to give it a go. We've chosen white subway tile and will use a light grey grout to really make the tiles pop and give it an industrial look. So here's hoping to goes from looking like this...
 to this (Backsplash only! The cabinets are staying dark!).....
five | Speaking of house projects, we've got a few updates to share soon! We spent this past  weekend sanding and staining our kitchen table with a much darker finish. We also distressed it some, so I'm hoping I like the final product! I also got some new pillows from Ikea and I love them! After tweaking things a bit and moving some smaller items to the guest room where they fit much better, it feels much more put together and cohesive. These, along with the new guest room layout and tile back splash, will be making their debut in a new post soon!
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  1. What a sweet baby...those veggies look wonderful!! We just had a new house built and I got that back splash!! I love it!! (My cupboards are white:)
    Great to get to know you!!

  2. Thanks again for having me @ Travel Week :)

  3. I can't wait to see how that backsplash turns out!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, always great to meet a new blogging friend! What a sweet little man you have. He's precious! And, sure hope the backsplash project works out perfectly. Wishing you a beautiful week!

  5. Aw I love that baby pic, so precious! And it's always exciting to have home projects like backsplashing, painting, redecorating, etc etc! :)

  6. Best on your tile project! It's always fun to freshen and update.

    Your baby is darling!!! He looks so squeezable. We have friends who have a five-year-old Noah.