Miscellany Monday

Jun 10, 2013

lowercase letters

1 Lately, I've really noticed a difference in my mental agility and honestly understand why women call it "mommy brain". I think there are a few explanations for this, one including nutritional stores in my body, but I'm here as living, breathing proof. It exists.

I used to remember everything. I now forget even the smallest things. I used to be able to focus intensely on writing and articulate some sort of thoughtful, educated prose. Now it takes a ton of work and quiet, alone time to think of something deeper to blog about than tomorrow's dinner. I used to be able to sit down and dive into a philosophical non-fiction, and now I find myself reading the same page twenty times to wrap my brain around a single concept.

I know this is early motherhood. My brain is constantly on the move about my family, my marriage, my parenting, decisions I'll have to tackle when Noah is older, etc. This amazing thing called motherhood feels like this euphoric state of mom-ness and not much else happens without intention. And now that I'm fully in the swing of this raising a boy thing, I'm realizing that I've got to step it up. I've got to now challenge my brain to grow more, to get active in a well-rounded way again. I've got to prioritize reading and learning. I've got to close out of Instagram and Facebook and intentionally cause my brain to be stretched. We want to have several more children, so if this mommy-brain stuff is exponential, I'd better get started!!

2| It feels so good to be home. We had a great week in Memphis, but there's nothing quite like your own bed and your own things. Speaking of bed, we've finally upgraded to a king-size bed! It comes this week and we're both thrilled! The hubs and I are not small people and a queen-size bed, not to mention a very old queen-size bed, is just not cutting it anymore, especially now that we have ended up semi-co-sleeping. We're going today to get sheets and a down comforter. Then comes picking out a new duvet cover. Our existing headboard that I made will be moved to the guest room and I'll figure out a king-size headboard later. As silly as it sounds, I can't wait for our first night in our new bed with clean sheets and room to stretch out!

3| Our garden has come a long way in the last month. We started some things by seed and only the green beans survived the germination and transplant from indoors to out. It amazes me what can come from one tiny little seed. We have tomatoes and squash from plants and hopefully will see some harvest from those soon. We also plan to plant some peppers soon!

4| I'm currently designing a friend's blog and loving it! I'll be sure to link up when I'm done. If I knew a bit more about HTML and photoshop, I'd probably start my own little graphic design shop online. But until then, I'll teach myself the millions of things I still need to learn and enjoy practicing in the meantime!


How's that for random? Happy Monday! 


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