Miscellany Monday

Jun 3, 2013

Morning playtime at the hotel!

 1 | Hello from Memphis, Tennessee! Michael will be here working all week and Noah and I get to come with him! We've got a zoo trip planned for Tuesday and I'm looking forward to taking Noah. While looking up some things to do in the area, I remembered reading somewhere about a Pottery Barn outlet being near Memphis. I did a search, and was so excited to find that there I was right! They not only have Pottery Barn items, but stuff from West Elm, too! I can't wait! I'm also planning a trip to the botanical gardens, farmer's market, and Mud Island. If any of you are from here, I'd love some suggestions for what else to do during the day!

 2 | I just spent two weeks straight with my parents and they left yesterday morning.  I was so spoiled getting to spend all this time with them, and so was Noah! It's getting harder and harder to be away, especially eight hours. While I'm still not sure I want to move completely back to my hometown, within a few hours would be nice. But I'm leaving that up to God and really enjoying who He's connected me with in the meantime! 

3 | This month is going to be kind of crazy. This week we're in Memphis, next week we're home and the following week we'll be in Chattanooga. We get two weeks at home after that with Michael's family visiting for a weekend, and then we will be traveling to Alabama for yet another week. It might sound crazy busy, but I'm loving it! I do miss our little house some, but it is so much fun getting to go with Michael, stay at different places, and explore during the day with our sweet boy. I shouldn't have any trouble coming up with blogging material, huh?

4 | I've got to get back on the fitness train, y'all. I'm already thinking about baby #2, and even thought it probably won't be soon, I'd like to get way more in shape before I get pregnant again. Having a gym two floors down at our hotel has inspired me to use it every night. I think Michael will hold me accountable for such a claim! I'm thinking about looking into a cheap membership somewhere near home, too. I enjoy walking and such outdoors, but I can't stand this humid, scorching Tennessee heat. Here's to getting in shape and being more active! 
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