Jun 13, 2013

Time at home this week has been so enjoyable. For awhile during March and April we didn't have a whole lot going on and I was complaining about it. Now we've been traveling so much that I welcome a week at home to just relax, stay at the house all day if I wish, and catch up on some things. Michael came home this evening with news that his boss told him he'll be traveling quite a bit this summer. I'm hoping they're all places that Noah and I can join him. I really enjoy the three of us traveling together.
We're already well into our Tennessee heat and it's humid, to boot. I can't stand being in the heat. I'm a temperature wimp, as my husband so affectionately refers to me. After being cooped up inside all day and missing a lunch play date because Noah delayed his nap until it was time to leave, I decided it would be fun to let him swim a little outside. I waited until Michael got home and Noah enjoyed the water while Michael grilled up some steak for Fajitas. As soon as I stepped outside and took off my lens cap, the lens fogged up. It was that humid.  I love this shot of my sweet boy. He loves water and had fun splashing around.
I took the chance while Michael was splashing around with Noah to snap some shots of our roses around the front of the house. Our flower bed has done really well this year and although we didn't plant a ton of variety, I think it looks nice. Our roses are having some issues that we think might be a fungus, so we're going to have to treat them. They get so big and full when they're healthy so I'm hoping we can save them and help them look better, too. They're the largest plant in the flower bed and I enjoy them whether I'm leaving the house or pulling into the driveway.
 Our garden got off to a rough start this year. We tried to start everything by non-GMO seeds. The only ones that worked out were the green beans and they're thriving. We've trained them up some lattice and onto the railing of our deck and they're growing fast. Our tomatoes by seeds failed, mostly due to inconsistent temperature, so we buckled and bought some plants. They're thriving! We had some trouble with deer, but Michael rigged an "invisible" shield using string and fishing wire. I told him it looked kind of ridiculous, but it has worked so far! We have four tomato plants and I'm so excited about the little tomatoes I see coming forth. We've also got some squash and although it's not thriving, it's growing little by little. We just planted peppers and cucumbers by seed and hope they'll sprout on up and be successful. Here's to hoping they do well even while we're traveling!

Wbat simple things are you enjoying this week?
Are you making time to enjoy the small things?

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