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Jun 17, 2013


Welcome to day one of Travel Week! I am so happy to have five lovely ladies guest posting this week while I am out of town!  Each blogger will be here introducing a destination of her choice and describing some of what makes it a unique and treasured place for her. If you stick around you'll get to see some interesting places through the lens of someone else who has been there and done that! And who knows, you might just be inspired to visit one of these lovely destinations that this beautiful country of ours holds. Without further ado, I'm turning it over to Allison to tell you about a little town called Floyd nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Hi! I'm Allison, and I blog over at The Bauble Dept.  These days, my husband Riley and I spend most of our weekends driving to and from North Carolina where we are working on our sailboat that we plan to sail to the Bahamas in the fall.  When Kelsea asked if I might share a little bit about the town I live in, I was only too happy to spend a weekend at home, taking advantage of the unique experience you can only find here.

I live on the outskirts of the small town of Floyd, Virginia. At first glance, on a typical day, Floyd looks like your average small town. It has just one stoplight, a few antiques stores, and only a handful of restaurants.  The place shuts down by 6 o'clock on the weekdays.  But, if you happen across the little town on a Friday night, it's a whole different story.  

Floyd comes alive on Friday night.

Cars line the streets in every direction and all generations flock to Main Street. Parents and their babies, grandparents and teenagers, locals and tourists alike, all want a part of the action on a Floyd Friday night. 

What draws them to little old Floyd?

The music.

Floyd lies in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where the roots of traditional American Folk music run deep.  It's also a stop on the Crooked Road, a trail running throughout the region, dedicated to preserving and promoting the unique musical heritage.

Up and down Main Street, clusters of musicians toting their fiddles and banjos form; staking out their territory and attracting audiences with their impromptu concerts.

It all centers around the Floyd Country Store and it's Friday Night Jamboree.  With a few dollars admission, you can make your way to the dance floor and flat foot with the locals to the live music of the night's local bluegrass group featured on the stage.  

But, what I enjoy the most is breathing in the fresh air of a perfect summer's evening, wandering down Main Street and catching just a taste of each group; from the old timers with their gospel hymns, to the younger groups formed by the generations that will keep the tradition alive.

If you're ever in the area, please don't leave before experiencing a Floyd friday night.  It's one that you'll never forget.


  1. stopping over from allison's blog. what a cute town and love all that live music on fridays! looks so welcoming and like a fun time for everyone. and new follower of your blog as well :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. I love Floyd! I went to college at Radford University which is about a 45 minute drive outside of Floyd. They have some really good places to eat, it's the perfect location to just get away for the evening!