five on friday: dreams

Jun 14, 2013

If you would have asked me what some of my dreams for the future were two years ago, you probably would have gotten a different set than the one I'm about to give you. Some of those I have accomplished - finishing my degree, getting married, finding a job, and the biggest of all- becoming a mom. And some of them I haven't- getting my Masters Degree in Counseling or staying abroad for an entire summer. I find it interesting that as life changes and stretches us, so our goals and desires change and stretch, too. I'm well aware that in a few years these might be replaced with something entirely different. I'm also aware that God works and sometimes His plan doesn't match our finite ones a smidge. That being said, here are five (of the thousand) things that have been on my heart for the future.

1| Raise children who are, ahem: humble, independent, loving, emotionally-aware and capable, kind, gentle, thoughtful, creative, hard workers who love Jesus, their family, and others with no regard for status. This will take me surrendering to Jesus, Jesus working in their hearts, and intentionality on our parts as parents. I am passionate about healthy families and marriages and am really excited about growing in both of those areas. 
 2| Pursue Doula certification. My pregnancy, labor, and birth experience was amazing and empowering. I'm finding myself more and more drawn into this world of mamas and babies. I feel a passion stirring to help women find their voice in the birthing process. This could lead into going back to school to become a midwife (after my own babies are grown), but for right now I like to think that becoming a Doula is a less distant, more tangible first step. 
3| Be Debt Free. We are almost there. We both brought student loans to the table. I've mentioned this before in past posts, but we've been working hard since getting married to pay those off by limiting our spending, trying to stick to a budget, and putting a huge chunk of our paycheck onto these loans. I am so excited for the possibilities ahead once we clear this hurdle financially. Lord willing, we will be in a place where we can save some, pay cash for everything, invest some, and finally be able to serve with our money in whatever way God allows us. 

4| Get Fit. Yeah, yeah, you've heard it before. It's still a goal of mine because I obviously haven't tackled it yet. So I'd still like to get in shape, be able to run more than thirty seconds, get smaller and stay smaller for good, and feel better! I'm cutting myself some slack at six months post partum, but not much. I keep wondering when I'll wake up one day with the gumption to just do it. I know, I know- just do it! 

5| Own my own business. I honestly don't know what direction this could even go. I feel like I have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit that has a creative side, too, but I don't know if that will turn into anything or not. Who knows, maybe a little online shop with some fun product or a little store in a quaint downtown area in our retirement age. It's fun to think about, anyway! 
There you have it, just a few fun things to think about for the future. Some are serious goals while some are just fun to think of with a "maybe someday" in mind. 
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I don't know about you, but  I'm glad it's the weekend. I'm looking forward to some family time before we pack up for another week on the road. I've got a special Father's Day post planned so be sure to tune in on Sunday! Happy Friday! 


  1. Getting fit is one of my goals too and much like you I talk and think about how much I want to get my pre-baby body back but do nothing about it. I just make up excuses and don't exercise as much as I should. If only it weren't such a battle... if only I enjoyed working out... happy weekend to you :)

  2. So inspiring to read your goals! I've found that sometimes just inking them tends to help me reach my goals. Thanks so much for linking up with us!