father's day| an interview

Jun 16, 2013

This father's day is super special in our house because it's the very first of many to come for my husband! It has been so wonderful watching the man I married become a dad, and an amazing one, at that. He supported me during the pregnancy, was an invaluable support during labor and delivery, and has shown Noah incredible love and care. He also is really involved in the day-to-day things that go on, whether it be changing diapers or wanting to know about the last play date. I can already tell that he and Noah will have a special bond. Noah lights up when his daddy walks into the room.
I could go on and on, but instead I thought it might be fun to do a little interview with the man himself on all things babies and becoming daddy.
Me: What do you think about being a dad?
Him: I think it's the second greatest thing in life.

Me: What's the first?
Him: Marrying his mother.

Me: (smiles). 

Me: What's the best part about being a dad?
Him: Making Noah laugh. Like this. (Proceeds to tickle Noah and throw him in the air).

Me: What were you thinking while he was being born?
Him: Let's see..I was really excited and wanted to see him. I wanted to hold him.

Me: What's been the hardest thing about being a dad?
Him: Sleeping. Actually, I think the hardest part is not having as much time with just you (me). We always have BooBoo with us.

Me: Are you trying to give me good answers?
Him: (pause) Are these good answers?
Me: Nevermind.

Me: What is your favorite memory so far with Noah?
Him: Probably the first time he reached for me. Now he reaches for everything. (holding Noah as he reaches out to grab onto a plant). Don't touch that.

Me: Name one thing you're looking forward to as Noah gets older.
Him: Noah sitting down next to me and helping me build or fix something.

Me: Name one thing you've adopted/want to adopt in your own parenting style that you saw in your dad?
Him: I want to teach Noah things through experiencing them with him. My dad always included us in whatever he was doing.

Me: Do you plan to indoctrinate your children on the ways of the Huskers?
Him: Duh. We'll be going to his first Nebraska game in November. He will celebrate his first birthday at Memorial Stadium.

Me: Did you enjoy making Noah? Oops, did I ask that out loud?
Him: It could have been better. (Long pause). I'm kidding.
Me: Gee, thanks!

Me: Doesn't it feel like we've had Noah forever? 
Him: Yeah, I forgot what it was like before him and it's only been six and a half months.

Me: Don't you love the dimples in his butt?
Him: (laughs) You mean the cellulite?

Me: Last question. How many more times do you want to "become a dad"?
Him: The jury is still out on that one.

Me: Thanks for letting me interview you. I know you loved it. 
Him: (silence).

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Seriously, this is the most adorable Q&A idea ever!! I might just have to borrow this idea ;) So glad I found your blog! Absolutely adorable!!