Jun 11, 2013

Lately, I've been ready to make some changes to the house. These are a few things in the works....

House Layout

 1 | Guest Room
We ordered a new bed (finally!) and the queen headboard I made won't fit our new king size bed. Thankfully, our guest room bed is a queen and we've yet to find a headboard. Problem solved. Our current headboard, covered with Braemore's Gazebo Cloud, will be moving to the guest room. As you can see from the layout above, the wall color in the guest room isn't really ideal for the headboard, but as painting isn't really an option right now, I think it will work out okay. The bedding in the guest room was purchased recently from West Elm and I think the mixture of chunky stripes and a light floral pattern will do well together. 

2 | Master Bedroom
We've got to now order new bedding for our king size bed. I do like the wall color in our bedroom and since it can't be changed, anyway, I've got to find something to go with it. The one pictured is this one from Anthropologie, but it's no longer available. I was bummed! I also considered this one from Pottery Barn. It's a bit "mature" for my taste, so I think I'll keep looking. The rope rug and dresser I already own, so I really just need a duvet- suggestions appreciated!

3 | Kitchen/Dining Room
I found some amazing, inexpensive subway tile at Lowe's and I think I've convinced the husband that we could easily do our own kitchen back-splash in a weekend. And get this- for less than $100! I love subway tile and plan to use dark grout (inspired by BrunchatSaks!) to give it a nice, industrial feel. The clock pictured above is from Target and I've been swooning over it ever since I laid eyes on it.
Also in the kitchen/dining room area, we plan to sand and stain our current wood table a much darker, walnut color. I'd love to replace our chairs with ones like these from West Elm, as well. 

4 | Living Room
In the living room, the only thing I'd like to do is get new pillows. Everything else currently fits the style I'm going for, and I think instead of adding color I'll stick with bolder patterns in a more toned-down way. My mother-in-law picked these pillow covers up for me during her last trip to Charlotte, NC (our closest Ikea is 5 hours away!) and I can't wait to get them and see how they look! I've always loved black and white and I think they'll eventually flow really well with what I'm hoping to accomplish. I can also envision pairing any solid color I'm in the mood for at the time with these b+w pillows.

 So this is what's going on for me in the interior design part of my brain! It's fun to picture and plan rooms in my head. Looking back, I might have chosen completely different paint colors, but you live and learn. My style changes constantly and what I think I like one day may change a month later. I've already got plans in my head for re-doing Noah's room, but I'm not sure I can convince Michael of that one!

Do you ever get the inkling to change things up in your home? Or do you stray from change and like things the way they are?


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