This Year's Garden

May 2, 2013

This year's garden plans have been on my mind for awhile. I like the thought for several reasons. It fuels my homesteading dream, I'd like to work towards being as self-sufficient as possible, it could cut our grocery bill down some for the summer, and it would give me a chance to try my hand at canning some of the things we use frequently during the winter.

We begun by ordering non-GMO seeds from Sustainable Seed Company online. We knew we wanted Green Beans, Cucumber, Jalapeno and Bell Peppers, and Cherry and Beefsteak Tomatoes. I also would love to have sweet potatoes and squash, although I think sweet potatoes would be pushing it this year.

Once we got our seeds in the mail we bought starter containers and organic soil from Lowe's and got to work starting our beans and tomatoes indoors.

Our pole beans have sprouted up super fast! After about three weeks we transplanted the tomatoes to larger containers and the beans directly into the ground. Around that same time we also started some more tomatoes and beans indoors and they're doing well. We also planted some cucumbers directly in the garden but don't seen any sprouts yet.
 Michael and I both really want this garden to work, but we have also admitted this might have to be our test year to see what works, what we did wrong, and how to improve. Last year's garden was started with plants from Lowe's. This is the first time we've started everything from seed. We're still waiting for the temperature to be consistently warmer before planting the peppers and trying to figure out our soil situation. Michael says the dirt is clay-like and even after mixing in some peat, it still seems heavy. That might explain why the first batch of cucumber seed never germinated or if they did, why they didn't break through the ground. But that's just an uneducated guess.We've got some friends who have gardens themselves here in Tennessee and I hope to learn from them about gardening in this region.
My dad gave us an old tiller he had and, after some research, Michael found out it was made in the 50's. My husband is in his prime when he gets to mess with a piece of machinery. He took a few parts off, did a few things to it, got a tighter belt, and made it more efficient at its job. He also knows how to sport gardening attire pretty well. I'm excited to see how everything grows and turns out. If I have my way, we'll have a full garden and veggies galore. 

 I'm joining the Blog every day in May challenge. I'm a tad bit behind and may not follow the topics day by day, but nevertheless, here's my attempt to blog more!


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