Sister, Sister

May 18, 2013

Day 18. Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.

This is a hard one! In preparing for this post, I've struggled with which story to revisit and retell, and to be honest, my memory is a bit hazy when it comes to the details of many of them.

When I think childhood, I think of my sister, Megan. We're only two years apart and all of my childhood memories include her in some way or another. Most of them are hilarious looking back, but there were some times that we weren't very nice to each other. 
I can't remember one specific incident, rather a string of specific days in which....lets just say, we weren't our best selves. 
 When we were old enough to stay home alone, my mom would leave for work either in the morning or afternoon and my dad would be home a couple hours later. This meant that about once a week we were home together, alone, and FREE. This usually meant digging into the icing cans with spoons, making concoctions out of every sugary thing in the house and watching Xena, Warrior Princess marathons. Sorry, mom.  

This free time at home also meant that two very strong-willed girls would usually break out in some kind of all out brawl, including chasing each other down the hall, pinching, hair-pulling, throwing things, name-calling, arguing over the remote, and threatening to call mom at work to tattle. Again, sorry mom! 
If both our parents started their day at work, we'd start our day off with tv. (Sad, I know, and much against their rules) Saved by the Bell, Xena, Charmed, and Megan's favorite- Walker Texas Ranger. 

The goal on those particular days was to wake up before the other one did so we could have claim to the remote. Once you had the remote, you were in control the rest of the day and the other sister was SOL. We spent the rest of the morning trying to steal the remote. Whoever had dibs on it would go as far as to bring it to the restroom with her so it wouldn't be stolen. 
There were mornings we both beat the other to it, and felt large and in charge as queen of the remote. We probably tried our hardest to steal that stupid remote from one another. The more we tried, the angrier the other sister got. The cycle was vicious, ya'll. 
If the remote was accidentally left somewhere we'd do mad sprints to it and end up wrestling it out of each other's hands. Hitting and yelling ensued. Not our proudest moments, for sure. 

 One particular morning we were already in our little cycle of sisterly disdain and our fight escalated into a straight up physical boxing match. I think I grabbed the remote out of her hand and she was livid. She chased me all around the house and I remember feeling like I was in an action movie, slamming doors behind me and trying to find a place to hide or run to before she got to me. 

I would run down the hall into my parent's bedroom and slam it behind me. Megan would be so mad by this point, I was actually scared of her! I'd lock the door and this made her even more mad! The doors were wooden, but thin and hollow. We'd hit the door so hard that I'm surprised neither one of us fell through it. It had vertical cracks in it from all the banging we both did on it to try to get to each other. 

Once things got quiet and the wrath was calmed, I'd open the door to try to get a peek at her location and make sure she wasn't hiding and ready to pounce. 

 We'd usually feel really bad about what we had done to the other, and things were immediately stopped if we hurt each other to the point of tears. We'd usually offer up an "I'm sorry, please don't tell Mom. Here, you can hit me back if you don't tell her". 

Not every time was spent arguing. I know we had peaceful times where we had fun and got along, but looking back, it really is hysterical the process we'd get into over that dumb remote. 
Megan is one of my best friends, and really always has been. I'm so glad that over the years we've been able to forgive each other for those silly moments and still remain close. Because of this, we can look back on those times, shake our heads, and laugh.


  1. This all sounds so very familiar :)

  2. ahahahaha. We would have done this, totally, if my parents weren't so cheap and paid for cable!