Noah: Five Months

May 3, 2013


You are now five months old. In some ways I can barely believe it was only five months ago that you came into this world. In other ways it feels like just yesterday and I want to plead for longer days and more time. We are loving watching you grow, learn, and explore. 

I think Daddy would agree with me that the past month we've noticed the changes the most. You can now completely roll over, although it only happens if you really are motivated, usually by a toy that you can't quite reach from where you are. The one I'm really excited about is how you can stand for periods of time with only minimal support. When we stand you on our legs you seem on top of the world. You perk your head up, stick your neck out, look around, and usually have something to say about it all. Oh, the talking you do. You've found your voice alright.

You are such an observant little man. Rarely do you space out. Rather, you are eyes wide open, taking it all in, interpreting it as only a baby could, and responding in new ways all the time. In the past week you've been easier to make laugh. You especially love when we rub our faces on your belly and make noise. You cackle and our hearts just leap with joy. 

Sleeping hasn't been easy the past week and a half and now we know why- you've got your first tooth! It's the tiniest little thing, barely broken through the gum, but it's there. It's a challenge trying to look at it though, as you either clamp down on our fingers or your tongue gets in the way. You bring everything to your mouth and explore it that way. You are in our room in your pack n' play and you would be sound asleep until I laid you back in your bed. As soon as you felt my last touch your eyes would pop open and you'd be somewhere between awake and delirious and let me know that you were not happy out of my arms. It was a challenging few nights, to say the least, and a few, small tears might have been shed from my end, as well. I'm thinking about bringing your actual crib into the room so you can get more support from an actual mattress and hopefully sleep better. I think it would do us both (heck, the three of us!) some good. 

 We plan to do Baby-Led Solids (most know it as Baby-Led Weaning, but I don't like to use the word"weaning" because some confuse it with actual weaning from the breast, which won't happen for awhile). This means you're still exclusively breastfed, but soon enough you'll be introduced to solids and we're excited about watching you explore healthy foods! I'm tempted to give you some now, but I know it's mostly because I am looking forward to seeing you enjoy it. Soon enough! I'm also realizing that I've got to make some more changes in the way I eat. You watch every move I make, especially when I'm eating. I can't try to enforce the right kind of lifestyle if I'm not a good example of it! 

You're infatuated with my hair, especially lately. Sometimes you grab and pull and other times you just let it gently run between your fingers. You like playing with it while nursing or as you're falling asleep. I love those times! And I'll also love when you understand when I say, "gentle!" or "let go! ouch!".

The past month has been a busy one! Nana and Papi visited for Papi's birthday and Papi got to give you a bottle and put you to sleep while Nana and I went out for a little. A couple weeks later, Grandpa and Gma came to visit and we spent lots of time outdoors enjoying the warm weather. We accompanied Daddy on a trip for work where you got in a pool for the first time at the hotel. Finally, we made a trip to Virginia to visit family. 

We haven't been to any more play dates, but plan to soon! You are just all smiles to everyone you meet. You can't play with the other kids yet, but you sure do love watching them run around. We bought you a Bouncer and you love it! You do this one foot bounce thing and it looks like you're doing a country jig. I'm observing you using your left hand and foot quite a bit. We'll see if that ends up turning in to anything! 

At your 4 month appointment, which ended up being more like 4.5, you weighed 17 pounds and were 26 and a quarter inches. You have doubled your birth weight and grown five inches! We are so thankful that you are healthy and happy. Happy five months, Noah! 


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