a picture an hour

May 15, 2013

The topic for Day 15 of the Challenge: A Day in the Life

 7:30am: I wake up next to this sweet little guy. He takes Daddy's place when he leaves for work around 6am. He woke up around eight with babbling and smiles.
 8:30am: Noah nurses and is then changed and snuggled. He then hangs out in his pack n' play while I take a quick shower. I put on the Veggie Tales channel on Pandora and he smiles and kicks his legs at Bob the Tomato.
9:30am: Little man is changed and dressed before we leave to visit a friend. He hangs out on his quilt in the living room and plays with a few toys while I scramble to do some quick, smaller chores.
 10:30am: Muffins and Tea at a new friend's house. Good conversation, green tea, and blueberry muffins. Noah gets sniffed by her sweet pups and nurses while we chat. Noah sleeps for five minutes, but wakes up when I try to put him in his car seat. I run by a discount store to try on some workout clothes. Nothing fits right. I run by another store and pick up some tomato stakes for our garden before heading home.
11:30am: The weather is amazing today. I'll open the windows until it's just too unbearably hot. The breeze and fresh air is invigorating. I do some cleaning- put clothes away, make the bed, empty the trashcans, straighten Noah's room, and open some more windows. I make a mental note of the last minute cleaning that needs to be done before my mother-in-law arrives tomorrow.
 12:30pm: I play with Noah then step outside really quickly to put the tomato cages in the ground. We may have failed this year at starting from seeds, but I am determined not to kill these that we picked up from Whole Foods.
 1:30pm: Michael texts and lets me know he'll be home early from a day of traveling for work. Noah's diaper gets changed, we play and laugh some more, read a book, and then I put my makeup on for the day. Getting a late start, but at least I'm making an effort, I tell myself.
 2:30pm: Noah is content playing in his crib for awhile so I take the chance to wash and fold some laundry. Michael gets home just as I am trying to put Noah down for a nap. Noah would rather play with his Daddy than sleep. Funny, so would I.
3:30pm: Michael is a godsend and gets Noah down for a nap. He struggles a bit, but finally gives in to his Daddy's arms and face rubs. After the past few nights of sleep struggles with Noah, I could just kiss that man for taking initiative. I kiss that man for taking initiative.
 4:30pm:  I call my mom and she laughs with understanding when I vent about Noah's sleeping struggles the past few nights. Noah wakes up after an hour and nurses. We do a lot of nursing these days. Michael leaves to go mountain biking. I try to tell Noah all I can remember of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I'm impressed with my version.
 5:30pm: Noah enjoys his Bumbo seat and a big, rubber truck we borrowed from a friend at a play date yesterday. I work on dinner. I marinate chicken in BBQ and prepare some brussel sprouts and garlic to roast. Despite the look on my face, I really am happy! The brussel sprouts take focus!
 6:30pm: Michael gets back from riding, showers, and fires up the grill. He's perfected this art and I'm enjoying the benefits. Noah and I watch Daddy grill and cuddle. Dinner is ready soon after this and we take advantage of the warm weather and have dinner on the back deck.
 7:30pm: Michael gives Noah a bath while I clean up from dinner. Awhile later, Noah gets a coconut oil massage, lavender on his feet, and his pajamas on. He is not happy about having to put clothes back on. He's also ready to nurse again.
8:30pm: Noah nurses with the sound machine "raining" in the background. The combination of dim light, the smell of lavender, and the comforts of nursing put my baby right to sleep. Tonight, he goes down easy. I almost cry with relief and am thankful he didn't wake right back up. Michael and I enjoy time together.  We talk, eat strawberries with melted chocolate chips while watching tv, and then do our own thing for awhile.
9:30pm: Michael says goodnight and I retreat to my little corner. I blog, edit pictures, catch up on articles, try to avoid a late night snack, work on a blog I'm designing for a friend, and pray that Noah stays asleep as he moans softly through the humming monitor.
It's been a good day. Some things got accomplished, time was savored with my family, time was made for new friends, and Michael and I were able to enjoy a few extra hours together after tons of late nights at work the past couple of weeks. Some days are this laid back. Others are more hectic and busy. It may sound lovely to you or dreadfully boring. Either way, I wouldn't trade who I get to share my life with for anything.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, Kelsea. I love staying home with my boys and sharing sweet moments with them. Noah is precious!

  2. It sounds lovely :) Love that first picture of Noah, so sweet!

  3. Hi!! I'm here from Jenni's challenge :)

    Your little man is darling.

    Isn't nursing (even when exhausting) absolutely wonderful :)

    and YAY for DAddies that know how to take over when we need them too!

  4. i love this peek of your life. i love the first picture of Noah, he is adorable

  5. Don't you hate when workout clothes don't fit right? It's like...geez. All I need is another excuse not to go to the gym!

  6. A lovely day. Cherish those days with your little one.

  7. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)gmail.com

  8. I think it was beautiful.
    Somehow your day drew me in, delightfully so.
    At this point I might be tempted read a post about you doing your taxes, or anything.
    I think you have the sweetest family, and are so blessed.