a letter to me

May 13, 2013

The topic for day 13 of the Challenge is "Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be".

Dear Me,

I'm sorry for the times I haven't treated you well.

For the times I've sat on the couch instead of getting up and exercising.

For the times I buy junk in the check-out aisle even though I know it's terrible for you.

For the times I've mulled over the past and taken away from the present.

For the times I still hold you accountable for what you did when you were younger.

For the times I've held on to anger instead of freeing you through letting go.

For the times I neglect taking care of you so you can feel your best.

For the times I think too much and over-complicate your life.

For the times I give up too quickly when trying something new if it doesn't work out quickly. 

For the times I cheat you out of the blessings of Grace by weighing myself down with guilt.

For the times I hold you to unrealistic expectations of what your body should look like.

For the times I hold you to unrealistic standards of society.

For the times I expect you to be perfect.

Let's make amends, shall we?


  1. Great post :) Love the idea of a self apology :) It's the best kind :)


    1. Thanks :) It really is so necessary sometimes, isn't it?