Noah: Three Months

Mar 14, 2013

Dear Noah,

This is two weeks past due, but.....You are THREE MONTHS OLD! You have grown so fast this month, showing us the most noticeable changes yet! You are now holding your head up with hardly a bobble, and you love to use your voice most of the day. We've gotten "Guh" and "Gah" and "Cah" and this funny noise you make while sucking on your lower lip. You also kind of yell now when you're upset. It's not a cry, or a whine, but just a straight up yell. You know how to pull things towards your mouth, but still can't grab at something intentionally. It either has to be put on your hand for you to grab or be within reaching distance and you might "accidentally" clasp on to it. You're slowly learning arm control but have hit yourself in the face quite a few times because you're not quite there yet. You still don't really enjoy tummy time, but I've tried to give you some at least a little bit each day. While on your tummy you hold your head up and your legs up at the same time, doing a balancing act on your belly. Eventually your neck gets tired and you set your head down for a little break.

You are still a hungry boy and are eating every two to three hours with the occasional four hour stretch. Aunt Megan weighed you during our second visit to Virginia and you were a good, solid 15lbs. Everyone who holds you any amount of time usually feels it, too, and needs a bit of a break after awhile! Your hair is getting a bit thicker, although we can't figure out which color it's turning. Your eyebrows have red tint, but the hairs on your head are still brown. Your eyes are more blue than they were last month, but have a sunburst of golden brown in the middle. Almost everyone who comments says something about how alert and observant you seem, and that you are- your eyes are wide open, taking it all in.

You are still sleeping in our bedroom, half of the night in the pack and play and half the night next to Mommy eating then falling back asleep. We decided after a roller coaster end of your 2 months spent traveling and with guests over, that you seemed to do better when we had some sort of nighttime routine. Daddy has been traveling more for work and we get to go with him most of the time. We figured that a routine, no matter where we were, might help you sleep better and feel not so out of place. I have begun to put you in your crib in your room for naps. I find you sleep better and longer with the shades pulled and Sleep Sheep "raining" in the background. It has become my favorite part of the day to come get you once you've woken up. Your sleepy eyes find mine and mouth turns upward in the most beautiful and heart-melting smile I've ever seen. Those moments when you connect with me and respond because you know I'm your mommy, your safe place, your comfort- those are the best in the world. I know they won't be there forever, but I'll soak them in while I have the chance.

Daddy has kind of taken over bath time at night for which I am so appreciative. We've switched roles and he now gets the water ready, bathes you and helps you splash around some, while I take your wet little body in my arms, give you a coconut oil massage, and nurse you right to sleep. This relaxing routine has, for the most part, really helped you sink into a nice sleep right away.

In the past month we have made another trip to Virginia to see our family as a result of Daddy working close enough to drop us off there first! We spent over a week there and you were able to spend a bit longer with each family member there than during our Christmas trip. You got to meet some of our friends and were able to spend some good, quality time with both sets of great-grandparents. On the way there you were very fussy and we had to stop quite a few times. Just about the only thing that will calm you down is looking at yourself in my phone. It pacifies you long enough to find a place to stop, anyways! You're fascinated by it!

You have been to church a few times, once in Virginia and twice here at home. You've slept through each service and been pretty friendly once you're awake. Each time I've held you and silently prayed over you, asking God to show me how to do this- how to parent and how we should teach you about Him. I think the key, no matter what, is to do that every day. To ask for that same wisdom daily, constantly, intentionally. 

Happy three months, baby. I love you. so. much.

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