Noah: Four Months

Mar 27, 2013

Dear Noah,

You've made a ton of changes this month! Your neck and back strength has really improved and you can now hold your head up on your own. We can now hold you in one arm and not have to support your head or back with the other. We still do sometimes just to be safe, but we can really tell a difference. 

In the past two weeks, you've really become intentional about what you do with your hands. You know that they're capable of much more now, like grabbing at things! Our favorite thing you've done recently is take your pacifier out of your mouth and wave it around. You're not so successful at putting the right side back into your mouth, but you understand the concept. You even grab for it when it's within reach beside you. 

In the past week, you've also discovered your feet. Putting you in the bouncy seat with the toys by your feet has helped that, I think. You now grab at your feet and as I type this, you're putting your feet up on the toy piece that attaches to your bouncy seat and exploring. 

You still love bath time and kick like crazy in the water. Daddy gives you a bath almost every night and you have a blast. You are still SO vocal and love to use your voice. You've really gotten into squealing now and love to hear your own noises. Usually you wake up in the morning and immediately start making some kind of sounds. I love it. 

This month has been pretty relaxed for us, thankfully, and we've been able to enjoy time at home together. You are such a happy baby. During the day you enjoy exploring on your playmat and are really easy-going, but always active. You kick your legs a ton and don't like being without a toy or something in your hands.

No teeth yet, but still tons of slober! You love pulling things into your mouth to chew on them. You absolutely love being undressed. Taking off your clothes could change you from fussy to giggling in just a matter of seconds. We're able to get you to laugh a bit more now, and it's the cutest thing ever! 

  You've enjoyed a few playdates this month. The latest one was the most interaction you've had with a baby that was closer to your age. You were laughing at the other kids and making your cute, happy noises. You can't sit up on your own yet, but you enjoyed "playing" from between my legs on the floor or from my lap. 

You love Facetime with Nana, Papi, Gma, and Grandpa. You love hearing their voices and usually give them a few big smiles and some of your "talk". 

As far as eating and sleeping, you are still exclusively breastfed. We're super relaxed about you eating food and feel that when the time is right and you're ready, you'll show interest. You're still getting up once to three times at night to eat, but are doing so much better about going back to sleep in your own bed beside us. You go right back to sleep when I put you back and that has helped my sleep tremendously!

We are so proud of how you are growing and seem to be learning daily. You're such a joy to us! Every single day your Daddy and I comment to each other how big you're getting and how much we love you! Happy four months, baby!


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