Feb 12, 2013

I haven't blogged in awhile, but this time it wasn't because of putting it off!  My computer charger broke so I had to deal with a dead laptop until this past weekend. I'm back and raring to write! 

Also, for those of you who read regularly, I'm sure you've noticed the recent changes to my blog design. I can't seem to stay satisfied with a particular look. First I want bright, bold colors then I'm drawn to simple and light. Don't get too attached to this current one! The more I learn about html and blogger, the more it will evolve into something that may eventually be "me". 

Pertaining to content, I'd really like to be more specific in my posts. I have a wide variety of things I'd love to write about-  thoughts from a new mommy, spirituality, natural living. Sometimes I feel like some of my posts are pointless, some are fun and serve as little updates on our life, while others really convey what's weighing on my heart. And I'm okay having a balance of what's on the surface and what's down deeper. I'll get there, eventually.

This past weekend M's parents came for a visit and we really enjoyed having them. Usually we head to Nashville, but this weekend we spent around the house working outside, loving on Noah, and just hanging out. Like always, we headed to Ace Diner for our traditional breakfast before they left to go home.

We spent the rest of our Sunday in Nashville and Franklin with a stop at REI and finishing up with dinner at Carrabbas. I'm a sucker for Italian!


The rest of this month is going to be crazy and I'm REALLY looking forward to it! This week Michael has some travel overnight for work in Alabama and Noah and I are going to join him! Then next weekend we will be meeting my parents, sister, and some aunts and uncles for a few days in Pigeon Forge. We rent a cabin almost every year and relax in the beautiful mountains. My friend Grace will be coming back home with us to spend the week and I'm really looking forward to spending time with her. The following weekend we will be going back to Virginia and I will stay with my parents while Michael has training in Knoxville. He'll be back the following Wednesday and we'll spend the rest of the weekend together in Virginia with our family. It will be a nice break from some monotonous days at home! 

As I mentioned above, I have officially reopened and revamped my Etsy Shop! Introducing....
Head on over and check it out! I'm hoping to visit some bead shops soon and get some new supplies to make some beautiful pieces. Keep checking back for new pieces!

My goodness, how my heart melts when I see Michael and Noah together. Especially when Michael gets home from work. We greet him at the door and Noah gives him the biggest grin. He knows his daddy and loves him!
That's it for today! Have a great Tuesday!


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