House Update: Master Bedroom/Bathroom

Feb 15, 2013

Like I've said before, this house of ours is constantly evolving into a "home" and where we feel comfortable. I've enjoyed adding and changing and adding some more. It's interesting how I can think an item will fit perfectly in the room, only to have a "What was I thinking?" moment and return it. That has happened several times and I'm okay with it. You never know what will work until you try it out, and thankfully I leave tags on and keep receipts just in case!

With our bedroom, I knew exactly what I wanted. Back in July during our trip to Atlanta for our anniversary (who am I kidding, we really went specifically for IKEA), I picked up our bedroom dresser. I got the black-brown color and wanted every piece of furniture to be black and match. Once we got it in the room, and after seeing on several home design blogs where different types of furniture were coordinated in the same room, I quickly decided against anymore black! 

Originally we had a four-poster bed that we painted black, a boat of a t.v., and a boring blank wall. Back at our rental, we had made an upholstered headboard and attached it to a bed frame that Michael made himself. We liked the look of the four-poster, but holy cow was that thing squeaky. Forget about getting frisky when we had guests down the hall. Oh no, that bad boy made noise with the movement of our breathing! Now this part I am ashamed over a tad bit, but I sold it online for $50 and someone actually came and picked it up. Afterwards I didn't know if I should jump up and down because we had sold it and were now $50 richer, or if I should give them a call and blame it on Michael. I decided on the first one and never looked back. Except right now. I digress...

 We painted our homemade bed frame black (when I was still wanting everything to match) and moved it and the headboard inside. After reupholstering the headboard from solid grey to Braemore Gazebo Cloud (after seeing the fabric here and falling in love), we did some rearranging to accommodate Noah and finally settled on how it is now. 
 It is still a work-in-progress, but I like the direction it is taking. Looking back, I wish I would have gone thrifting and found a great, unique dresser instead of the black. It's a nice dresser, but it doesn't really go with our room that well. The radio has been in my mom's family for awhile so I knew I didn't want to just stick it out in the garage. I'm really drawn to it so I found a place for it under our wedding pictures. It currently displays Michael's humidor and my jewelry. A nice symbol of his and hers, if you ask me. 

The rug is from Ikea and although it isn't quite the right size, it pulls out the grey in the headboard for now and softens the room up just a bit. The walls look different in the "before" and "after" pictures, but it is just the lighting. The color is Silvermist from Sherwin Williams and it is crazy how different it looks sometimes.

What's left to do?
*Something above the bed (sunburst mirror? Frames in a 2X2 or 4X4 row?)
*A bigger rug that adds more color
*a King size bed for this taller-than-average couple with a new frame
*iron the bedskirt (oops!)
*A new white duvet cover that is actually WHITE
*Decorative pillows (Michael's so excited)
*Possibly different dresser?
*Small his and hers side tables (something at least for our phones/a book/ipad, etc)

The bathroom has come a long way, too. It was green when we first moved in and I knew that had to be changed. It just wasn't me. I chose Sea Salt from Sherwin Williams and although I thought it would be more grey, I really like how it turned out. I wasn't sure what to do with the large, blank wall over the tub, but my MIL had given me a pretty canvas from Ikea and it fit perfectly in the space, tying in the dark sink cabinet and adding a nice feel to the bathroom. 
 I really enjoy being in our room. It feels relaxing and just the right balance- not overly girly, but not too masculine either. Because we don't put things on credit and pay cash for everything, and because I didn't follow my original plan of marrying a 90-year-old millionaire (yep, it was discussed with friends in 10th grade), our house truly is a work-in-progress. I save up, hunt for a good deal and take time to find things I really like, and then slowly add them to the room. As impatient a person I am, I actually enjoy slowly creating a room. And the thrill of a deal (thanks, Mamaw!) just makes the hunt even more fun! Michael jokes with me and tells everyone that I don't buy anything that is over $19.99. While it's not true all the time, I do have to feel really good about something before I buy it. I think he should be thankful for that! 

Some other recent house updates include finally painting the hallway bathroom and a growth chart for Noah as seen on Cape27 blog. The rest of the house feels like it is finally nearing completion, but I'm just still stuck on the living room/dining room combo. I went with really neutral colors and I just can't seem to find the direction I want to go with. One minute it's modern and bright, and the next it's more rustic and mature. And then the next minute I want to buy everything in Anthropologie's house & home collection. Pinterest doesn't help either, because I see so many different ideas and I just don't have a big enough "house canvas" for all of it - a very good thing! 

Hope you enjoyed this "before & after". I've got more to come, but if you're curious about any of the rest of our house check out these posts:

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  1. Your new spaces look fantastic! I don't have a creative bone in my body so I will be relying on the inspiration of pinterest when we move and it's time to decorate.

    Stoked to see how your other rooms turn out =)