Nursery Reveal

Jan 17, 2013

With as much time as I spent on Pinterest in those first few months of pregnancy, while I was super nauseous and laid in bed a ton, I saw so many ideas for baby rooms. I LOVE interior design and home decorating and I was so excited about creating a space that I would feel comfortable in taking care of Noah, but also more importantly he can enjoys as he grows. When we learned we were expecting, we were in a rental and could not change any paint colors, etc. I am so glad, for many reasons, we decided to buy our own home.  I wanted Noah's room to be really light and fun with simple, personal touches. I've had an obsession with grey and chevron this year and knew I wanted to have it in the nursery in some way. I decided to go with a mint green color and found Mint Condition from Sherwin Williams. I also chose this color because it coordinates well with the rest of the house colors. Without further ado.....welcome to Noah's nursery!  

Here's a breakdown of the items in the room:

Crib:  Ikea's SUNDVIK collection, grey-brown

Dresser: Ikea's HEMNES collection, grey-brown

Crib Sheet & Changing Pad Cover: Skip Hop Complete Sheet, Treetop Friends - so nice because it has design around the side of the mattress so a skirt is optional! 

Book Ledges: IKEA

Collage Graphics: I designed these on my own using the editing site PicMonkey. I used a program similar to this to design the save-the-dates, invitations, and program for our wedding. Most of these pictures were Pinterest-inspired and I really enjoyed designing them. The frames I've collected from different places over the past few years and I think they all look great together. Confession: The first week Noah was born I would cry every time I changed his diaper and looked up and saw the lyrics to "Forever Young". I may still shed a tear when I hear the song.

Rocking Chair: Thrift Store, $15- needs to be sanded and stained. I've had this for about a year and it has been just sitting in the garage- I'm so glad I found a place for it inside!

Curtain Rod: Our Woods. No literally, our woods. We just went out and snapped it off a tree and used regular curtain rod brackets to hang it. I like it! 

Drawer Handles: Michael's Craft Store. This was such a fun addition, in my opinion. They were super easy to screw on and I think they'll be super fun for Noah once he learns how to open his drawers! His dresser drawers, that is. He can keep his other drawers closed, thanks!

Fabric Pennant Banner: I made this with different fabrics from the local fabric shop, Granny B's. I waited for awhile for them to get their chevron fabric in and love how it turned out! 

Baby in the Crib: He's homemade, too. ;)

The only thing left to get for this room is a rug. I need rugs in every room of our house and  I'm having a really hard time finding affordable ones that are modern and work well. I'll keep looking and hopefully will find something that complements the rest of the room- I'm thinking about going crazy and getting some kind of animal print!

I change my mind so often when it comes to decorating, and after finding even more amazing nursery inspiration, I do sometimes wish I would have gone with a different look. But overall, I'm really happy with how it came together. Noah will take naps in his crib occasionally, but we are still cosleeping and probably will until he stops breastfeeding. I'm excited for the time when he is old enough to enjoy being in his crib and playing with his toys in his room!


  1. I love it! You did such a great job. You've probably already looked at Urban Outfitters, but they have some pretty cute rugs. I got a 5x7 chevron rug there for $100, which I thought was a pretty good deal! Miss you!

  2. Very nice!!! Love the framed pics you have over the crib..esp the N is for that idea!

  3. This is so sweet! What a lovely room for a little baby boy :)

    1. Thanks, Chelsea! I had so much fun designing it. He won't be able to enjoy it for awhile, but I sure do ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Looks great! I have painted a sample of Mint Condition in our nursery, but I can't decide if it's going to be too much (as in too bright/neon) when I paint it on all the walls. Right now it looks very bright on my wall, but yours looks perfect; it seems much more muted in your pictures. I also plan on using grey chevron and lots of white. Do you feel like SW Mint Condition is really bright in person, or more of a calm color? Thanks! Katie

    1. Katie, isn't it crazy how different rooms and different light can make the same color look different? I like how the color turned out in our room and I don't think it's really bright at all, but it could be a little lighter, in my opinion. It's still a very calming color, but his room gets SO much light that it really gives a clear portrayal of the true color. Since I took these pictures I've learned a bit more about the settings on my camera and can get some better pictures of the true color of the room. Because you commented as anonymous, I can't directly reply to your e-mail address. If you contact me via e-mail, I'll send you a few updated pictures as a reference! :)

  5. i like it, the tree branch is my favourite part. I can relate to the rug thing, it's really, really hard to find a decent one that isn't crazy expensive.

  6. Hi! I saw that you offered to email photos that are updated and show the true color a bit better. I just painted this color as a sample on my laundry room wall and am curious :) I am hoping for a nice minty color. Thanks!