Noah: Two Months

Jan 27, 2013

Dear Noah,

You are two months old today! I cannot even believe that time has gone by this fast. You have changed so much from that first week we brought you home and even since a month ago! I have loved being with you every single day. I love waking up to your smiles. You bring us so much joy, sweet boy.

 In the past couple of weeks you have really gained some neck strength and can almost hold your head up on its own when we hold you on our side. You still "bobble" around some, but you're getting there! You don't really like tummy time, but don't mind being on your belly with your boppy pillow. You really can push away from our chests when you're laying on us. You can focus on our faces more now and usually follow us with your eyes when we walk by.

You get more expressive with each new day. Some of the faces you make just crack Daddy and me up! You also have been very, very vocal lately. With all kinds of adorable "ahhhs" and "coos" and something that sounds kind of like "hey". I really think you'll talk early and hopefully be very musical, too!

You are now using cloth diapers and they have worked great so far! They are kind of bulkier than we're used to, but your 0-3mo clothing still fits great. My favorite pair of your hipster Gap jeans-not so much. I put you in those all the time. I guess I'll have to find another favorite. I know you're disappointed.

We really haven't done much this month. I took you to the lake (which is really a pond, but I suppose in a small town....) on one of our warm days and walked a mile. Be impressed. I haven't done that since I was trying to help you find your way out the weekend before you were born. You are worth every bit of new junk in my trunk, but I'm more than ready to downsize now, thanks. Anyway, you slept the entire mile and the ride home, too. I know in the blink of an eye I'll be telling you to slow down and stop throwing rocks at the ducks. *sob*

You still LOVE bath time, especially with me! I lay you between my legs and just pour warm water over your body. The look on your face is just one of pure relaxation. We started using Dr. Bronner's lavender soap instead of the Burt's Bees and I can already tell a huge difference in your skin- it's much softer now and seems less irritated. Bath time is a team effort and Daddy is our designated de-clother, supply-grabber and towel-wrapper. And I'll just go ahead and admit that your little tiny butt cheeks make us giggle. I promise not to bring that up to any of your future girlfriends.

Lately you've really been needing to snuggle to sleep during the day. You are perfectly content hanging out on the boppy or blanket for a little while, but when you get fussy all it takes is some rockin' in my arms and my own version of "Hush, Little Baby" (even though I completely forget the words after the first three items!). At that point I just go rogue and make up my own lyrics. Thank the Lord you don't get what I'm saying at this point. I actually thank the Lord for that quite often throughout the day, actually. ;)

On a more serious note, I honestly cannot convey just how much my heart has grown since bringing you into this world. I have to remind myself to trust God concerning you, because otherwise I will literally freak out at the thought of anything ever happening to you. I'm reminding myself daily, just like Nana always told me she did with me, that you are given to me for a short time to raise and care for; and that God has a specific plan on how your life will go. So for now I'll hold on so SO so tight whenever you let me and care for and teach you with 200% of everything in me. I have never been more in love, sweet boy.

Love, Mommy


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