Miscellany Monday

Jan 14, 2013

Monday's almost over, but I'm at least accomplishing a post! I've missed writing a ton, but during the day I don't have long periods of quiet time when I don't have my sweet boy in my arms. And that's totally okay with me! But my goals for the next year included trying to blog at least 2-3 times a week. I'm terrible at writing in a journal, and although those thoughts are usually more personal, I still find blogging a great way to record memories and share things throughout the year.

So here goes my Monday randoms....

1:: I am loving being a Mommy. I feel like I'm still trying to find the balance in it all, but I think that is probably a continual thing that changes with each stage of life. I have promised myself that I wouldn't take a single moment with my sweet boy for granted. 

 2:: I've been trying to figure out what my style is for our house. On one hand I love bright colors, but then I walk into Restoration Hardware and crave mature neutrals all over again! After a ton of trips to West Elm and a ton of YoungHouseLove browsing, I may have found my balance. I'm working on a post now with some house updates, including some changes in our bedroom and guest room, Noah's nursery reveal, and some small accents in our living room that include these awesome  Hive Vases from West Elm - I got the blue and yellow ones!
3::  I've been doing a ton of research lately on healthy and natural living- further than what I already knew. We've cut out almost all of our processed foods and opt for organic, whole foods. The latest information I've found is on the many benefits and uses of coconut oil. A friend suggested I post a review once I've tried it out, so that's in the works as well! Also, I truly am passionate about staying healthy and what TRUE nutrition really means. I'd love to share what I find and plan to write about it as I go! 
 4:: I've been trying to work on my photography lately, especially now that we have Noah. I've had a DSLR for a couple years now but have just learned how to use the settings and what they mean in the past year. It's amazing what you can do when you take it off "Auto"! Most of the time it is more convenient to take pictures with my phone or my smaller point and click camera, and I also feel awkward sometimes getting the bigger camera out in certain places, but I'm trying to overcome that so I can start getting some better pictures and work on the skill. I've read tons of helpful tutorials on different blogs and hope to tackle Photoshop or Lightroom next! 

5:: Tomorrow we start cloth diapering! I got a wonderful deal from Jilliansdiapers.com and was able to get about 30 BumGenius Freetime AIOs for the price of about 20. It was suggested to us to use the chemical-free disposables until about 6 weeks because newborns usually dirty a diaper quite frequently in that time frame. Noah has way fewer poopy diapers now at almost 7 weeks and while they're still pretty runny (thank the Lord they don't smell like formula-fed poos), it's definitely more manageable at this point. I pre-washed about half of them just to try them out and see how it goes and they're currently hanging up to dry overnight, ready for tomorrow morning! I'm really excited to start using them and feel another review post coming in the next few weeks! 
That's it for this random post. I've got a fussy baby who needs to nurse to sleep! I'm excited to really try to stick to my goal of writing more often and am looking forward to some upcoming posts! 

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Happy Monday!

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  1. Your baby boy is so adorable! Gotta love being a mommy!! :-)