Jan 16, 2013

Better late than never, right? We had such a great time in Virginia for Christmas. Noah was a wonderful traveler and slept almost then entire 7.5 hour car ride - there and back! We were so excited to see some family we hadn't seen in awhile and had so much fun introducing them to Noah. 

It worked out this year that we spent all day Christmas Eve with M's family and Christmas day with my family. Usually our holidays end up being split between three or four different places and we have to leave one place early to get to the next. This year, we had all day with M's family and all day with mine- a win-win. I feel like it contributed to some really nice quality time with everyone. 

S'mores treats for the neighbors and M's co-workers
Christmas snuggles with Grandpa

 M's parents' tree- beautiful!
Snuggles with Daddy!

Little Bear
Noah with his Gma- he slept the entire time we opened gifts!
All bundled up with Poppy for his first snow!
Smiles with Nana Lisa!
Stephen, Megan, & Grant

Auntie Meg!
First Great-Grandbaby!

Meeting cousins and his great-aunt!
Opening gifts with Mommy!

We really enjoyed this special time with our families. M and I have both acknowledged that it may not always work out to go to Virginia for Christmas, but we are so glad it worked out this year. Family is so important to us and we love them so much. 


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