Baby Update: 23 Weeks

Jul 23, 2012

How Far Along? 23 Weeks, 3 days (holy cow, almost 6 months!!!)

Size of Baby Conyers? Noah is about a foot long and weighs right around a pound!

Maternity Clothes?  Got a really cute pair of maternity dressy-jean shorts- SO comfortable. I think M got tired of me needing to unbutton my shorts on long car rides! (TMI?)

 Weight Gain? Right around 7 pounds.

Stretch Marks? None yet, still rubbin' that Vitamin E oil on every night. M jokes with me that I look like I'm getting cut around my hips, but it's just sticking out instead of going in!  

Sleep? So-So. I hurt my back at some point so it makes it hard to get in a comfortable position.

Food Cravings? Been doing better with the sugar, but generally no specific cravings. 

What I Miss?Normal boobs. Sorry, just had to be that frank. 

 Symptoms? Fatigue! Boy is it ever kicking in, but it might just be I'm wearing myself out with this move, too! Also, if I'm hungry- watch out! I get faint, irritable, and really weak-feeling. I need to start keeping some healthy snacks with me during the day.

Best Moment of the Week? Becoming homeowners! The first thing I thought about was that THIS house is where Noah will be brought home and experience so many "firsts". 

Paint Colors

Jul 21, 2012

It really didn't take me long to pick out colors for our new house. We knew we were going with Sherwin Williams because M gets an UH-Mazing discount through work and I also knew that I wanted grey in the living room. Walking into our new house, you'll find an open concept style so I had to choose colors for the kitchen that would compliment the living room, as well. After about a week of looking at different swatches in different light and browsing through hundreds of different pictures on, I had all the colors for each room chosen. 

These two colors have much bluer hues than the online swatch gives away. See here and here for examples in an already painted room.
{Nursery photo via}
The guest room was grey already, which kind of stinks because it almost seems like TOO MUCH grey in the house. M said he didn't mind painting it later down the road, so I'll have to add something to brighten the color scheme a bit. We spent all day at the house, M painting the bedroom and me painting our four-poster bed from a medium wood stain to a black. We're grabbing dinner out, going back to our rental to rest a little, and then heading back to the house to do some more work. Unlike when we moved into our rental and I literally unpacked everything in a day, this move is proving to be more exhausting and tedious- might have something to do with the fact that I;m almost 6 months pregnant! More house updates to come, including before and afters and DIY posts!

Weekend in Pictures & A Little Announcement

Jul 17, 2012

This past weekend, M and I took a trip to Atlanta for our anniversary. M already was halfway there on a trip for work so I took Friday off, met him where he was, and we drove a couple hours to Atlanta. One of the major reasons we chose to go to Atlanta was because they have an IKEA! It is the closest one and it was so much cheaper to drive than to spend 3x the amount just for shipping! I came away with some great buys that will be for another post! 

We stayed at a really nice hotel in the Buckhead area, attempted to go to the Aquarium but decided it was too packed, browsed around downtown, and relaxed together.Overall, it was a really great weekend. With as much as we have coming up (and boy, do we ever!) , it was nice to take a little mini vacation before the craziness starts!

Sorry for the cruddy picture quality. It was so hot and I didn't feel like carrying around by big ol' fancy camera. 

The view from our room
View of the Capitol Building from Atlanta Underground
Spent a few hours here Saturday buying the little things and writing down info for the big items we picked up Sunday. One of my FAVORITE parts of the trip :)
A few little goodies I picked up, including awesome popsicle molds, nice frames, shelves, and an awesomely discounted lamp that was just missing the bottom piece.
M enjoying his Mussells @ Dinner. We had originally planned to attempt one of the top 5 on Urbanspoon but were so exhausted from the day that we just found a classic favorite, Carrabbas, and got our favorites :)
Apple Tart from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse delivered to our room. Delicious (and huge!)!
The two main reasons we wanted to go to a city with an Ikea is because one) they have the crib and dresser I want for Noah's room and two) we are BUYING A HOUSE and wanted some awesome stuff to go in it! 

Yep, you read right. We have been in the process of buying a house for the past month or so and we finally close TONIGHT!  Can't wait to do home improvement posts soon! Over the next few weeks we will be painting literally every wall in the house, excluding one room, and will be busy moving and cleaning and beautifying.

 Until then, here's a sneak peak of the house. Picture courtesy of the real estate website.

Stay tuned!

One Year Anniversary

Jul 9, 2012

I, Kelsea, take you Michael,  
to be my husband.
I choose this day to deny myself for you,
to commit my heart and eyes to you alone,
to support,
and love you,
in good times and in bad times,
in rich times and in poor times,
in sickness and in health.
I will challenge you to be God's best,
I will work to be God's best for you,
and I will love you unconditionally.
This is my covenant with you and my God.

Happy Anniversary, Darling. Looking forward to spending many, many more by your side. 
I love you. 

Growth Update: A Baby and a Garden

Jul 6, 2012

How Far Along? 21 Weeks
Size of Baby Conyers? The average baby at 21 weeks is 10.5 inches long (head to toe now) and around 13oz in weight (Noah's leg and arm length was in the 50-95th percentile at the ultrasound. I think he will take after his daddy in height! M is 6'4"!)
Maternity Clothes?  Yep, and I need to get more! I think the gals at work are starting to notice when I wear the same pair of capris to work almost daily!
 Weight Gain? Yep! 6 pounds total. Not too shabby!
Stretch Marks? None yet, and hopefully none at all! I rub on Vitamin E usually twice a day.
Gender? It's a boy! See here for details :)
Sleep? I've been sleeping well but do find that sudden movements like turning over cause a ton of ligament pain in my abdomen. Have to remind myself to take it a bit slower.
Food Cravings? Sugar. It's getting pretty bad, I have to admit. Going to try to wean myself off slowly if I can push through the headaches. Juicing has been suggested, so I'm going to try to give it a shot and see if I can't come up with some tasty combinations that have little to no sugar. Our midwife informed us that you can't really "eat your way" into gestational diabetes, but I know there are many other risks involved, just like caffeine in large amounts.
What I Miss? The occasional glass of wine, especially when we're out at a nice dinner and I have to sip water with my Italian dish instead of the normal sweet vino!
Symptoms? Back pain. This is being taken care of mostly by chiropractic care. We've found a great chiropractor downtown and have both been seeing him weekly. I've always had low back issues, but the pregnancy has definitely magnified it.
Best Moment of the Week? Hmmm, I'd have to say finally getting to show M the stomach jabs from Noah and him getting to visually see them at night when I'm laying down. I have to lay really still, but when Noah is on the go he really can throw a punch (or a kick!) We had an appointment today and he was moving a ton while trying to find the heartbeat. We also have pretty much completed our registries and I really enjoyed adding to them! 

As far as our garden, this Tennessee heat, often over 100 and closer to 110, has really taken a toll on its growth. I only have a few tiny tomatoes on each plant and only one pepper. The squash plant just looks wilty and makes me sad. We haven't had rain in weeks! M has been so good about watering it at night and in the early morning before he goes to work so hopefully being consistent with that will help! 

Next year we plan to start our garden earlier to give it a great start before the heat hits! Anyone else having garden success this year? I'm enjoying keeping up with it everyday and watching it grow- no matter how slowly!

Baby Registry

Jul 5, 2012

I'm a type-A, list-making type of gal. So when anyone hands me a list in which items can be checked off, I have to admit it makes me a bit giddy. Add in the fact that this particular list has to do with our precious baby and you've got one happy, organized pregnant lady. 

To begin the entire baby registering process, I started all my accounts online. We chose Target, Babies R' Us and The two stores are the easiest for friends and family, and is great for us because we were able to add things that the two stores didn't sell and great for those who are comfortable ordering online. I then printed out registry checklists from several sites and chose the one I felt was most comprehensive.

 I added a few things to each registry, but wanted a visual of what I was getting so M and I made a day of it, grabbing a nice Italian dinner at Amigo's in Cool Springs and hitting up Target and Babies R' Us. Target wasn't so bad because their baby section is really not that big and their website has more selection that the store. Babies R' Us is a different story. SO MANY ITEMS TO CHOOSE FROM! We got our "welcome packet" and scanner and hit the aisles. We were able to add quite a few small items, things like wipes and body products (going all organic and natural) and the safety items like outlet covers and cabinet/drawer locks.

After adding some small things, I knew I had to get some second opinions from those who had been-there-done-that to get the scoop on what they loved and what they found out they didn't really need. We left the store hungry and slightly overwhelmed for the day.  We really didn't want us or others wasting money on things that really aren't necessary, so after emails and messages to some top-notch mammas, I had such a better idea of what to get.

Aside from the overwhelming number of spoons and pacifiers and strollers and everything else to choose from, I have had such fun adding to the registry. I've never really liked tons of bright colors for babies. Kind of sounds contradictory, but I like soft, cool tones and classic but modern patterns like chevron and stripes, especially for decor items. None of the items we've chosen are matchy-matchy, but I think a lot of them coordinate with each other.

I thought I would post some of the things I'm really excited about and would LOVE to hear more ideas and suggestions from my readers! 

First up are the body care products. We chose Seventh-Generation baby wipes because they are not whitened with bleach and are free of alcohol and synthetic dyes and perfumes. 

We chose Burts Bees Baby Bee items for their commitment to natural products that are paraben, sulfate, and synthetic fragrance-free. 

Burt's Bees Baby Bee
Infantino Vintage Twist and Fold Activity Gym @ Babies R' Us

I love the quilted look of this and the colors in the fabric. 
Bumbo Seat - heard tons of great things about these!

Fisher Price Newborn Rock n' Play - Babies R' Us

Eurobath Kit

Infantino Lil' Fluff Cart & High Chair Cover @ Babies R' Us

We will definitely be getting some use out of this!  Shopping carts can be disgusting and uncomfortable, too! 

Baby K'Tan Baby Carrier - Target &
 I'm a firm believer in baby-wearing and LOVE this sling in black!
ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier @
Great for hiking trips or longer wearing times when more support is needed.

Just One You by Carters - JOY Bright Dots Travel Swing

Baby Trend Playard- In the Jungle @ Target
Because Noah will be sleeping in our room for at least the first few months, I wanted to get something that could have multiple uses as a portable crib AND a bassinet. Love that this has a place for those late-night diaper changes, too!

Bum Genius Organic Elemental All-in-One cloth diapers @

I've never really been fond of the idea of buying thousands of dollars worth of disposable diapers just to do that- dispose. The cloth diaper system has come SUCH a long way in the area of ease, comfort, fit, absorption, etc. The cost of one collection ranges from $400 to $600, including all the extras you need. A disposable diaper supply for the entire length of time an infant is in diapers is well into the thousands. Also, the chemicals that are in the absorption gel in regular diapers are not what I want to have snuggled against my baby all day and all-natural, organic diapers are extremely pricey. We felt this was the best choice for us. Lest you think we're crazy - give these videos a go- it might just change your perspective.

We plan to give family and friends who are interested in getting a baby gift the options of donating to our cloth diaper fund (great idea by one of those top-notch mammas).We do plan to use natural disposable diapers for those 3-4 day trips to VA or fun vacations/roadtrips.

Some of the accessories we will need for our cloth diaper system are as follows, suggested by  Rachel @ The Musings of a Newlywed.

Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer @
Planet Wise Hanging Dry/Wet Bag @
The plan with these is to get two: 1 for the nursery to hang on the side of the changing table/dresser. 2. Hang in the bathroom for the poopy diapers once they are rinsed. 

Planet Wise Travel Dry/Wet Bag @
This is what we will put the dirty/wet diapers in while out in town, at the mall, or at church.
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether @
This teether/toy has gotten SO many reviews on blogs and has been recommended to me by several moms- great for all 5 senses, apparently!

I've just covered some of the major things and haven't included adorable blankets, pacifiers, spoons, sippy cups, and all the other necessities. The one thing I'm having SUCH a hard time picking out is the stroller/carseat. Maybe some of my readers can help me out. We really can't afford anything too expensive. Also, I want to be able to take Noah straight from the car while still in his carseat - only possible with the infant carriers, right? And the infant carriers will only fit with a stroller specific to its brand/model. I really am not sure a travel system is the best way to go. Once he outgrows the infant carseat, I will need to buy a front-facing seat for older infants. I just can't seem to figure out what to get that won't blow our bank account, but that is safe and not a huge struggle to use. So experienced mammas, bring it on - the good, the bad, the waste of money, the don't-even-bother, or the this-was-a-lifesaver! I need to know!