Noah: One Month

Dec 27, 2012

Sweet Noah,

You're one month old today! You just had your first official long car trip this past weekend. We had an eight hour trip that we decided to make overnight and you slept almost the entire way. You really enjoy being in your car seat and usually fall asleep a few minutes after we buckle you in. 

We just celebrated your first Christmas in Virginia with all of our family. You met your aunt Megan, uncle Stephen, uncle Will, and some great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for the first time. I was worried that you would be fussy or not like being passed around, but you've done great! In the past two weeks you have been much less fussy and usually only cry when you're hungry or your diaper is full. Other than that, you are usually wide-eyed and happy. You love to lay on our knees and stretch out your arms and legs. You smiled from day one and the smiles keep on coming. You have a wide array of facial expressions and have even tickled us with some chuckles in your sleep. 

At your two week appointment you had gained a pound and a half, so we can only imagine how much you weigh right now! You love holding your head up and are really strengthening your neck muscles. Last night you turned over on your side for the first time. You are sleeping pretty well most nights, but still get up one to three times. You are sleeping next to me in your pack and play for now, but usually spend more time next to me or on my chest during the early morning hours. You wake up in the morning in a great mood and usually grin at us while your eyes are still adjusting to the light. Talk about melting mommy's heart! 

You are exclusively breastfed and are such a great eater! You don't respond very well to ANY caffeine, though, and I have had to learn that the hard way! Right now you're sleeping around four hours at night and then wake up about every two hours after that. You are so hot-natured and sweat so easily that you have to sleep in a thin onesie. You love a tight swaddle so anything else under there makes you too hot. During the day you enjoy napping in your swing or in the sling with me. I love wearing you around and having you so close, and you crack me up with your little moans and grunts during your sleep. I predict you'll be very musical!

You love bath time, especially now that you're able to be in your baby bath. You love laying in the water and having the warm water poured on your hair. Daddy and I have a little routine where we lay on the bed with you after your bath and you just look up at us and coo and smile. You seem to really like to be naked and usually give us a big smile right after your clothes are taken off.

We have loved every minute with you this first month. Daddy and I have loved being your parents and we both have no idea what we did before you came along. We've loved watching you grow and try to remember to take in every fleeting moment. You have brought such joy to our lives, little one. We love you with every single inch of our hearts and feel so blessed to get to love and care for you every day. I can't wait to see you grow and change and show us your developing personality these coming months.

I love you, sweet boy, and I love being your mommy. 


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