Friday Letters

Dec 21, 2012

Dear Husband, I wish you could just feel what I feel when I think about you and our little family. I admire you in so many ways and am so happy to be sharing yet another Christmas with you out of the hopefully many to come in our lifetime together. And just because we have bambino, I still want to dress up for you, and kiss you just because I get to, and make time to just be us. Dear Noahyou have yet to find out, sweet boy, just how much you are loved. My heart feels like it might leap out of my chest every time I look at you. I am proud of you already and cover you in prayer almost every time I hold you- that you will one day become the person you were created to be and that you will give control to the One who created you. I love you, sweet baby, and I am thankful every. single. day that God allowed me to be your mommy. Dear Virginia, see you and your beautiful mountains soon! Dear Family.....

Merry Christmas!


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