First Three Weeks

Dec 19, 2012

Noah turned three weeks old yesterday! Michael and I were talking last night in bed and agreed that in most ways it feels a lot longer, like he's been a part of our family forever. What an adventure these past few weeks have been. 

  Noah had his first two doctor appointments at one and two weeks. His pediatrician is great and he "passed" his appointments with flying colors. He is gaining weight wonderfully and is having absolutely no issues. We are so thankful for that!  He is growing so much and Michael and I are enjoying every minute of it.
{First outing to his first doctor appointment- slept the whole way!}
Michael has been an amazing support through every step. I'll talk more about the labor support in Noah's birth story, but he has really slid into this new role with ease and done an amazing job. He's a great daddy and husband.
{Right after Michael opened his Christmas gift from Noah- a matching Huskers beanie!}
After Noah was born, I asked my mom to stay with us that week and we are SO thankful she did! She was really helpful with things like making dinner and helping me navigate breastfeeding, although I have to say that Noah was an amazing nurser right away. She's one of my best friends and was an awesome extra support for all those first-time mom emotions. And well, let's be honest, there aren't many people I feel comfortable with whipping out the boob in front of! It was nice not to have to worry about modesty! It was so comfortable that it really didn't feel like we had a visitor. She and Michael did an amazing job taking care of Noah and me. 

{Papi Gunter & Noah in their matching WVU gear!}
A few days after my mom left my dad came down to visit. Because of his work schedule he wasn't able to come down with my mom when Noah was born. It was so heartwarming to see him meet Noah for the first time. He loved getting to spend time with his first grandchild and tried to  get an early start on teaching him sign language! 

It was nice to have visitors, but by the time my dad left I was ready for some alone time. Michael had already been back to work for a week, but my transition didn't really feel solid until Noah's and my first day home alone.

Our days so far pretty much consist of eating, changing poopy diapers, "playing" (or getting blank stares and furrowed brows as I make every happy facial expression and baby noise known to man), and napping- although I have yet to nap while Noah has napped. It's been advised, but I actually enjoy that time while he's sleeping to get things done around the house. It's therapeutic to get things done, even if it's just a load of laundry or vacuuming. I realize time with Noah is more important than trying to keep everything perfect, but I am really efficient in a short amount of nap time. It's a win-win and helps things feel more peaceful. I also wear Noah in the K'tan so it give us that closeness that is really important for baby and mama and also frees up my hands for important things like eating lunch! I've planned ahead for dinners using the crockpot and/or frozen meals I made in advance. That has been a HUGE help! Once Michael gets home from work he spends time with Noah and I finish up dinner and enjoy a nice shower. I'm so glad Michael chooses to be involved and doesn't check out when he gets home. He's right in there with me changing dirty diapers and helping out in other ways. My day doesn't feel hectic and I truly believe it's because I've been organized and multi-task pretty well. As he gets older and more active, I might have a different story! 

{First Bath!}
Noah has been sleeping 4-5 hour stretches on a good night, so I'm thankful that I'm at least getting some sleep. The first week when Michael was off we would go to bed super late. Now that he's back to work we're trying to get in bed early. Getting a newborn ready for bed has proven to be quite a task! We usually change his already full diaper and then I nurse him to sleep. However, we have one poopin' baby so during almost every feeding he has some pretty good diaper action and we have to change him again. This wakes him up more and back we go to nursing. This little charade will probably change eventually, but for now we head for bed an hour before we actually hope to all asleep!  We cosleep, but try not to bedshare. Instead of getting a bassinet that would only be of use for a short amount of time, we brought his pack 'n' play in and raised the mattress. He sleeps in it right next to my side of the bed. At first, he would only fall asleep in his carseat, but after week two we put him back to sleeping on his back in the pack 'n' play. Sometimes he will sleep on my chest for a few hours and when he's hungry I bring him into the bed to nurse him. He falls back asleep easier that way and I don't have to stir too much.

{Baby K'Tan - yay for babywearing!}
 Originally, we had decided NOT to go back to Virginia for Christmas. I had no clue how my recovery would go and the thought of traveling with a newborn sounded stressful. The combination of a small emotional breakdown while putting up our Christmas decorations (at the thought of not being home for Christmas while Blake Shelton sang a Christmas version of "Home" on Pandora)and most importantly, an amazing labor/recovery helped us change our minds. We've had to set a few boundaries for ourselves concerning the trip just to make it less stressful on us trying to make it to everyone's houses and limit Noah's exposure to all the nice crud going around. We pretty much will be between my parents' house and Michael's parents' house (although I may be tempted by a mall trip)and have asked family to come to us. Oh, who am I kidding- they just want to see Noah. Kelsea and Michael who?! ;) We're prepared with the hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes! Germs, beware! 

Speaking of Christmas, we sent out our Christmas card this past week. I didn't get a ton and only sent them to family and a few far away friends, but I love how they turned out! My mom took the Christmas pictures and I took the one of Noah swaddled.  My mom took a ton of photos while she was here and we had our first family photo session a few days after arriving home. Noah slept through every little session we had, even while positioning him over and over! 

To sum up these three weeks? I am absolutely LOVING being Noah's mommy. He is such a sweet baby, already giving us smiles and coos (that I swear sound like "hey"). He's holding his head up for long amounts of time, loves a warm bath with mommy, and is eating and sleeping like a champ! My recovery time was wonderful and I truly felt back to normal in a short amount of time...physically, that is. Emotionally & hormonally...well, let's just say things are still balancing themselves back out! 

I'm excited for this trip to Virginia this coming weekend. My sister and Michael's brother have yet to meet Noah and we're SO excited to finally introduce them. Michael's parents haven't seen Noah since the hospital so I know they're anxious to see him again, too, and I'm glad we won't have to rush back home so everyone can get to spend some time with him. We also have tons of aunts, uncles, cousins, and great-grandparents who will get to meet Noah for the first time. We'll be in Virginia a week, so this week is being spent preparing for the trip- making sure the house isn't a wreck, washing and packing for Noah and ourselves, and making sure we have all our Christmas gifts ready to go. 

I'm still working on Noah's birth story. I am still so amazed at my labor and his birth and can't wait to share the experience!



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