Random Monday: a list about lists, chevron, and a little bit creepy

Oct 8, 2012

It's been a busy two weeks in this house! Here's a little list at what we've been up to - 

1) I finished up a hectic last week at work, managed to survive, and said goodbye to my job and co-workers this past Friday - talk about transition!

2)Slowly, but surely, putting Noah's nursery together - one organized space at a time!

3) Making three or four more to-do-lists for a total of about ten...it's a problem, I know. 
4) A visit from M's dad this past weekend to hang out and cheer on the Huskers!  

 5) TODAY- Attempting to mark off some decor-themed tasks around the house! 

This first one is pinterest-inspired (go figure), but I added my own twist instead of the pennies. 
Pinterest's Version....

My Version....
 I liked the chevron stripes better than the pennies for our kitchen. It took some painter's tape (and a few hours of trying to figure out the chevron taping process), navy spray paint, and a husband who was nice enough to do the spraying for his prego wife and I think they turned out looking pretty good!

Next little task was our front "porch". Over the past week I accumulated a wreath, a rug, and some mums and wanted to add a touch of fall decor to an otherwise boring entryway. Again, I resorted to chevron and I think it turned out pretty cute!
 The mums need a little help (as I've neglected to water them a bit), but with some water they'll open up eventually!

While I was doing this, M was working around the house and in the yard. Apparently creepy creatures just love it here. M found a baby snake (not poisonous) in the yard and for the past four days a gross spider has been hanging out in its web in the rose bushes along our walkway. The snake didn't bother me, but I have arachnophobia and M refuses to kill/move this thing! He's pretty sure its an orb spider, but I can't even look at pictures of spiders online too long so I guess I'll trust M's word. Needless to say, if you're the same way you may want to scroll the page super fast!

M had off today for Columbus day and it was my first official day at home and not at work. I'm glad M could be here to buffer the adjustment a bit, but tomorrow might be a different story. It's certainly an adjustment, but I think the worrying about the details of my responsibilities as a case manager will certainly decrease this week as I explore this new role and place in my life. Working on baby's room and getting into "nesting" mode will surely help my focus turn and the transition be that much easier. 

Off to enjoy the last few hours of the evening! I promise a full nursery reveal when its finally finished! 

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  1. Love the projects you've done! The idea with the pennies was really unique! But I love the chevron too!