Sep 17, 2012

I was going through my daily blog reads and John from Young House Love posted about a fun giveaway they're doing- a $500 gift card to Home Goods. I absolutely LOVE that store!  In the post he linked up to Home Good's Stylescope quiz and invited readers to take it to find out the style that best fits them. 

I've been struggling with how to decorate the house lately. I've picked paint colors and have a general idea, but I think I'm not too much of a risk taker when it comes to interior design. After taking this quiz, I think it's pretty spot on! The tips that came afterward helped me get a better picture of accent pieces, art, etc. 

So, after picking five of the following...

....I was given:

After seeing some of the items in this spread, I think it's pretty spot on, albeit the two seem like they really shouldn't go together. I love that antique farm look, but the usual antique "country" style has never really been me. I already have some metal letters and some mercury glass. I've always loved Restoration Hardware, and I feel like this picture has a touch of that style, but also has a bit more character and glam. As for the Boho touch, I'm not necessarily a fan of all that brightness going on, but I definitely love touches of color and patterns. Now to figure out how this translates to setting the style of our house...

Interested in taking the quiz or entering the Young House Love giveaway? Head to THIS POST and check it out! 



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