simple sunday

Sep 9, 2012

Just dropping in to show you two things I'm excited about...

 I made this on Saturday after being completely inspired by Sherry at Young House Love. She did something similar in a post about Decorating Sentimentally.

Ok, when am I NOT inspired by Sherry? OR even her husband John?

Those are the actual keys to the places M and I have lived. I KNEW I kept those keys for a reason! I think this will eventually belong in a wall collage above our dresser, but for now it looks great sitting beside our wedding photo. 

Secondly, I did my first load of baby laundry today.
 And that's just ONE of the full bins I had of clothes. I wanted to wash what we got either as hand-me-downs from friends or gifts at my baby shower in hopes to have them hung up and in the closet or ready for the dresser soon! It kind of felt surreal washing such little tiny clothes, knowing that soon a little tiny person will be added to our family. And with him, comes many more loads of little things. It might have been the most excited I've been about laundry in awhile.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!


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