Sep 10, 2012

On Saturday M got called into work for an emergency, and what was supposed to be an hour or two turned into an almost thirteen hour work day for him. I was really bummed as I kept getting 'still not done. looks like I'll be here awhile' texts. 

I actually had a relaxing morning and even got the movie Midnight in Paris in before I got out of bed. Last week I had really let myself stress over all the junk in almost every room in our house. The only rooms that were even functional were the living room, our bedroom, and the kitchen. And when I say functional, I mean BASIC functions. In no way were they complete or up to my standard of being "done". But I've been known to have pretty high standards so it's relative, I suppose. 

Before I sound too negative, I will say that we have had some "house" accomplishments in the past week. We spent two nights and finally got our garage organized. There's a pile of  things to sell, my home decor/crafts shelf, boxes to eventually store in the attic, and all of M's tools, saws, you name it. We actually had room to park a car. 

Next, we were able to get our sectional from World Market. We had waited almost a month for it to finally come in. I wasn't sure about it at first, but with some positioning, imagination of future items, and some pillows- I now love it! I think it fits the room very well, doesn't take up a bunch of visual space, and is really comfortable.

So to feel good and cross something off my list, here goes!

Left to do:
- Couch. We ordered this sectional from World Market and are awaiting its delivery to the store 
- Rug
- Hide all those ugly wires
- Replace trunk with thinner, wider table
- Textiles- pillows/curtains
-Artwork/Wall Decor/Frames
A little pathetic, but still progress. 

Back to Saturday, I made a mental list starting with our bedroom, on to the guest room, and finally the nursery. 

In our bedroom, I completely rearranged the furniture. With the sides M and I sleep on, I was having to get up and walk around the bed in the dark for my more-than-frequent trips to the bathroom. I figured once Noah is here, it will be even more difficult with the furniture the way it was. We really don't have any big heavy stuff in our bedroom and all of it is easy to slide with some hip action, so I felt comfortable doing it myself. I think the way I rearranged it has much better flow, makes the room seem a lot bigger, and makes a straight path for me to the bathroom or hallway. No more running into the bed or other things trying to find my way in the dark.

(Forgive my picture quality. I had to use my little nikon digital to get a wider angle in the room.) We sold our original poster frame online because it really wasn't working for us. It took up too much visual space. M had made a bed frame for our bed in the rental, so we just painted it black and switched it out. I think one of the things I've realized is that matchy-matchy isn't good. I plan to eventually take that black chair out of there and add something different. Also, I ordered fabric for the headboard in Braemore Gazebo Cloud- seen on Young House Love's headboard post. I absolutely love this pattern - it has great color, will add some color to our room, and is fun without being "immature".

For the bedroom list, here goes:
Left to do:
- Replace bed frame with the one that M made for our old bedroom. A new coat of paint and it will look great. 
 Rearrange room
- Recover headboard I made with new fabric and attach to bedframe
-New sheets/bedskirt
-Hang curtains
- Rug
-Artwork/Wall Decor
-New small tv

Our guest room has been a complete nightmare. When our parents have visited, they've been subjected to a simple mattress on the floor, a dresser with the mirror not attached, and fear of the headboard leaning against the wall falling on them in the middle of the night. Yeah, it happened. It was a hazard zone. M's parents are making another trip down next weekend and I was determined to have the room comfortable and ready for any visitors from here on out.

 M and I went to Walmart and found a simple metal bed frame. We were planning on putting it together Saturday, but when he was stuck at work I rolled up my sleeves, sat on the floor, and didn't leave the room until it was put together. I now despise those dumb little tools they include in the box to put things together. I have baby fingers and still had a hard time getting things to fit right and turn with ease. Once it was finally done and I had managed to get the box spring and mattress on the frame and in place, I had to lay on the couch for half an hour to recuperate. It's crazy how much being pregnant takes out of you, especially when I had so much energy before. 

Once I felt like I could move again, I put the rest of the room together, adding sheets, changing out the duvet cover to a brighter, livelier one, and putting down an Ikea rug I had laying around. The next day, M helped me finally attach the mirror to the dresser. I added a lamp, plan to add some flowers, and some other little "guest" items that might make the room more comfortable. It is a very small room, but I feel like the space is used well for now and our guess won't have to help each other up from the floor!  I don't have a before picture, but trust me, the 'After' is leaps and bounds better. 
Needless to say, when I was done with all of this I was completely exhausted. I made some dinner, put on the game, waited for M to get home, and vegged out on the couch. I felt so productive and it really helped reduce the stress I had been feeling about not having our house more put together. I do realize making a house a home is a constant work in progress, but I have issues!

Yesterday, M decided to tackle Noah's room and begin priming before he and his dad paint this coming weekend. I'm anxious to get everything set up and organized. I think it really will help me relax mentally in the last month knowing it's ready. Noah will be sleeping in our room for awhile once he's born, but eventually he's going to have a great nursery to sleep/play in. 

Speaking of Noah, I'm 30 weeks as of this past Friday! 10 more weeks, give or take, and we'll get to meet him. 

I seriously. can't. wait.  

Happy Monday! 


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