Friday Letters

Sep 7, 2012

As you probably noticed, the blog design from Stephanie is finally done! I really like the simple, classic feel of it. She did a great job!

 We've had a ton going on lately, including a week-long trip to Virginia, a great baby shower, and trying to organize our crazy mess of a house. I really wanted to be better about keeping up with writing, but between the busyness and being exhausted it's fallen behind. For today, I leave you with a Friday letters link up with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds.


Dear HusbandI love you, you underwear-in-the-floor-and-get-a-new-glass-even-though-the-one-you-just-used-is-right-there-on-the-counter you. Hint. HINT. Dear Sister- I am so proud of you and I miss you so much. I hate not getting to share your days with you. You are working SO hard, much harder than many, to accomplish your goals. You WILL get there and you will look back and think "it was crazy, but it was worth it". You are beautiful inside and out and I can't wait for Noah to meet his aunt.  Dear Job- I can't wait until our relationship is over. Four more weeks. We've had some good times, but you've burned me out. Plus, I found a way better position. The long-term investment is just so much more worth it.  Dear Noah- Everyday I am overwhelmed at the thought of you. The miracle of how my belly has grown, and how I can feel your movement, and hear your heartbeat- all of that is too much sometimes. I thank God that He has given you to us. I'm not going to be a perfect mommy, but I hope that even when it gets tough if I only communicate one thing it is GRACE. We can't wait to meet you.  Dear Clutter- You're stressing me out. I wish you would just organize yourself and either take a hike to Goodwill or convince someone to give me money for you.  Dear Pregnancy Weight- You best be preparing for goodbye. I know you're here for some kind of reason, but you're making me hate the mirror.  Dear West Elm- I wish you were cheaper. Dear Self- Cut yourself some slack. Allow yourself to not be perfect and not always have it all together.  Stop comparing, criticizing, and stressing. Surrender and breathe.

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  1. haha dont our partners just love to leave things for us to pick up! My pet hate is bottle caps everywhere ... in the pockets, on the bench, by the bed, everywhere!