The Afters: Progress

Aug 18, 2012

The past three weekends have been spent with family from out of town doing things around the house. My parents helped us move, M's brother came down the next weekend and helped paint some, and M's parents came down last weekend to help knock out the kitchen and living room. Needless to say, this past week was spent recuperating and resting! 

We are so thankful for all the help and LOVE the outcomes so far. It is sometimes hard to tell what the paint will look like in the entire room but I'm so pleased with how the grey and yellow turned out. Be warned, this post comes with some lists. Because this girl is type A and then some. Without further ado...


I absolutely love how much brighter the kitchen looks! My one and only prime lens doesn't allow for some good wide shots, but you get the picture. It feels so much cleaner and has a fresh feeling.

Left To Do:
- Artwork/Wall Decor?
- Kitchen Rug
-New light fixture? (this is still being debated. The current one is a bit too bulky for such a small kitchen, but might look better if it was raised a couple feet)
-Window Treatment (valence?)


 We ended up going with Sherwin Williams Lattice (SW7654) and Crisp Linen (SW6378). I love love love how they turned out together. They brightened up the room so much and in my opinion, compliment each other very well. I like that the Crisp Linen isn't quite yellow, but is a bit more yellow than cream. 

Left to do: 
- Something different with the table, we're thinking bleaching it at this point to get that lighter, rustic look
- L-shaped "breakfast nook bench" against wall and left side..similar to this
- Replace right-side chairs with either these or something like this.
- Switch out current light fixture for something similar to this awesome West Elm piece
- Artwork/Wall Decor
- Curtains

 I originally thought the Lattice would be too dark, but it turned out to beexactly the shade of grey that I was hoping for. We have gotten rid of (aka moved to the garage to await selling) all of the things in our living room (aside from the trunk- to be determined later!) and had my piano moved from our rental. I'm so happy it's finally here and out of the hot house! We also saved up cash and treated ourselves to a new tv. We're in the midst of alllmmmooost paying off our last student loan (Dave Ramsey would be proud) and are trying to be careful with how much we let ourselves spend at this point. As a side note, and a little pat on the back, we will be debt-free except for our mortgage by this coming February!

Left to do:
- Couch. We ordered this sectional from World Market and are awaiting its delivery to the store 
- Rug
- Hide all those ugly wires
- Replace trunk with thinner, wider table
- Textiles- pillows/curtains
-Artwork/Wall Decor/Frames

Master Bedroom Progress...
I like how the bedroom color turned out. We chose Sherwin William's Silvermist (SW7621), a color in their blue section. It's really something how different it looks in different light. It goes from a grey to a green to a blue depending on where you're standing in the room and where the sunlight is shining. The four-poster bed was one handed down to us from my parents and that we used in our old guest room. Little did we know, until AFTER I painted it and we set it up, that it is the squeakiest, loudest frame I've ever slept on. It looks amazing black, but we're going to have to switch it out. It's an older frame and there is no way to fix the noise. The dresser is one we got from Ikea and I love it. 

Left to do:
- Replace bed frame with the one that M made for our old bedroom. A new coat of paint and it will look great. 
- Recover headboard I made with new fabric and attach to bedframe
-New sheets/duvet cover
-Hang curtains
- Rug
-Artwork/Wall Decor
-New small tv

Master Bath Before...

Master Bath Progress...
For the bathroom, we used Sherwin William's Sea Salt (SW6204). It is such a clean, fresh color and really opens up the room a lot. The color compliments the bedroom walls well, too.We're loving the double sinks!

Left to do:
-Bath Rugs
- Artwork/Frames
-New Toilet (yes, seriously. Ours is SO small)
-Get my husband to pick up his underwear. Oh wait...did I type that out loud?

Mind you, the list doesn't end there. In the rest of the house we need to...
- Paint and set up Noah's Room
-Paint the Hallway
-Find/Make bedframe for guest bed
-Guest Bed linens/decor
-Clean out garage & organize

This stuff can look pretty overwhelming, but our house is obviously a work-in-progress. Some of those things won't come until later into next year or when we have saved up enough to pay cash for each item. However, it's been so nice to be able to actually plan out a house the way I've always wanted to and not be forced to stick to a rental agreement. 

Ah, the sweet taste of freedom and creativity!

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  1. Looks awesome! Love the soft colors :) PS- You won! Check your email :)