Aug 2, 2012

Whew, we have been busy the past week! After closing on our house, we spent the week moving our bedroom items over to the new place and sleeping there a couple nights later. I already had bedroom paint picked out so M painted the entire bedroom and tray ceiling before we got our bed set-up. I worked at getting the kitchen unpacked and really enjoyed making sure it was organized and really put together well. 

 This past weekend my parents came all the way from Virginia to help us move and along with some help from family and friends, we got the rest of our house moved with three pickup trucks and a long trailer-bed. The only thing left is my piano and we're paying professionals to move it so it doesn't get messed up. Well-worth it, too - that thing is heavy!

With our last move, I unpacked our house in a day. Literally...a day. So this time, with a belly and way less energy, I was determined to take my time unpacking and not freak out if everything wasn't done in two days. The move wasn't stressful at all thanks to the help we received -we really are so grateful. 

Since then, I've been slowly unpacking boxes and trying to put things where they should go. There's a long list of things that still need to be done, including #1 - getting our living room, kitchen, and hallway painted. In the few weeks before we closed I put a ton of our items on Buy, Sell, & Trade groups on Facebook and have actually made enough money to buy a brand new couch! However, in that process we sold our old loveseat and one other chair so our current living room consists of an old tv in a honkin' big armoir and a chair and ottoman. Not too comfortable. M's parents are coming down next week to help paint and I CAN'T WAIT to get it done and actually have a living room to relax in! 

Speaking of living room, I've been trying to decide which shade of grey to go with. I've found the kitchen color (Crisp Linen by Sherwin Williams), but there are SO many greys to choose from. There are ones with blue tones, beige tones, purple tones - it's hard to find just a simple, pure grey! I've got it narrowed down to two- both by Sherwin Williams- "Aloof Gray" or "Lattice".  

This picture does not portray the colors accurately- they look more khaki or beige - but I'm leaning towards Lattice as it is a tad bit lighter and a little bit more grey. The top is Aloof Gray and the bottom Lattice.

 M says they look the exact same, and if you don't look closely you might agree! They really are very close.  I can't find a purer grey from Sherwin Williams so these two might just be it. 

Anyone have any favorite shades of true gray that they've used in the past? 

On another note, my 6 month mark came and went! Officially 25 weeks tomorrow. Hoping to get a good belly shot this weekend with a good follow-up post! We've got some fun things coming up this weekend- M's brother is coming to visit for a few days and we've got a pool party on Saturday night. Should be a fun weekend! 



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