Weekend in Pictures & A Little Announcement

Jul 17, 2012

This past weekend, M and I took a trip to Atlanta for our anniversary. M already was halfway there on a trip for work so I took Friday off, met him where he was, and we drove a couple hours to Atlanta. One of the major reasons we chose to go to Atlanta was because they have an IKEA! It is the closest one and it was so much cheaper to drive than to spend 3x the amount just for shipping! I came away with some great buys that will be for another post! 

We stayed at a really nice hotel in the Buckhead area, attempted to go to the Aquarium but decided it was too packed, browsed around downtown, and relaxed together.Overall, it was a really great weekend. With as much as we have coming up (and boy, do we ever!) , it was nice to take a little mini vacation before the craziness starts!

Sorry for the cruddy picture quality. It was so hot and I didn't feel like carrying around by big ol' fancy camera. 

The view from our room
View of the Capitol Building from Atlanta Underground
Spent a few hours here Saturday buying the little things and writing down info for the big items we picked up Sunday. One of my FAVORITE parts of the trip :)
A few little goodies I picked up, including awesome popsicle molds, nice frames, shelves, and an awesomely discounted lamp that was just missing the bottom piece.
M enjoying his Mussells @ Dinner. We had originally planned to attempt one of the top 5 on Urbanspoon but were so exhausted from the day that we just found a classic favorite, Carrabbas, and got our favorites :)
Apple Tart from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse delivered to our room. Delicious (and huge!)!
The two main reasons we wanted to go to a city with an Ikea is because one) they have the crib and dresser I want for Noah's room and two) we are BUYING A HOUSE and wanted some awesome stuff to go in it! 

Yep, you read right. We have been in the process of buying a house for the past month or so and we finally close TONIGHT!  Can't wait to do home improvement posts soon! Over the next few weeks we will be painting literally every wall in the house, excluding one room, and will be busy moving and cleaning and beautifying.

 Until then, here's a sneak peak of the house. Picture courtesy of the real estate website.

Stay tuned!


  1. What a darling house Kelsea! Love it! And of course, can't wait to see what you do with the place. Oh, and totally jealous of your Ikea trip ;-)

  2. Kelsea I am so proud for you guys! I have prayed for you two that all the right answers would fall into your lap! I am so glad that it is all working out! Your home is beautiful and with you your special touches it will be amazing!! Congrats and get ready your life is about to kick into high speed!!!!

  3. Congratulations! That's so exciting. Can't wait to see more pictures of your new home!