Paint Colors

Jul 21, 2012

It really didn't take me long to pick out colors for our new house. We knew we were going with Sherwin Williams because M gets an UH-Mazing discount through work and I also knew that I wanted grey in the living room. Walking into our new house, you'll find an open concept style so I had to choose colors for the kitchen that would compliment the living room, as well. After about a week of looking at different swatches in different light and browsing through hundreds of different pictures on, I had all the colors for each room chosen. 

These two colors have much bluer hues than the online swatch gives away. See here and here for examples in an already painted room.
{Nursery photo via}
The guest room was grey already, which kind of stinks because it almost seems like TOO MUCH grey in the house. M said he didn't mind painting it later down the road, so I'll have to add something to brighten the color scheme a bit. We spent all day at the house, M painting the bedroom and me painting our four-poster bed from a medium wood stain to a black. We're grabbing dinner out, going back to our rental to rest a little, and then heading back to the house to do some more work. Unlike when we moved into our rental and I literally unpacked everything in a day, this move is proving to be more exhausting and tedious- might have something to do with the fact that I;m almost 6 months pregnant! More house updates to come, including before and afters and DIY posts!


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